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Howdy, Welcome to DailyTools.net


I’m Chris, the author of Daily Tools.


I’m just an ordinary dude who likes to fix stuff around the house and make stuff here and there when needed. (in all honesty, I can’t afford to pay someone else to fix things and I often tell my wife “I can make that…” when we see something cool. The list is getting long…) Don’t tell her I said that!


Best Power Tools Used Daily for Home Projects

Anyway, let’s get back to the real story. I like making/fixing things around the house and found that I never had the right tools for the project.


So I started purchasing what I needed.


Now, I pretty much have all the power tools needed for my DIY projects, and I love them all. I’ve found the tools that work well around the house. They may not be what the contractor you know would suggest, but let’s face it. We’re not building a house every day with these tools.


I mainly focus on finding tools that are the best bang for the buck and can get the job done around home. Whether you’re painting your walls, installing laminate plank flooring, or just want to clean your car the easy way, we’ve got you covered.


Have a look around and make sure to bookmark our site so that you know right where to go the next time you need the best power tools for the job. Also, feel free to send me a message.


Chris – Author of DailyTools.net


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