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Best Battery for Dewalt Power Tools

Many different factors make what we call the best battery. There are several battery technologies available.


The Best Battery for Dewalt Power Tools

But they have differences in terms of charge capacity, cost, weight, and performance. So it’s best to read about their differences to find out which one is right for you.


1. DEWALT FLEXVOLT 20V/60V MAX Battery, 9.0-Ah (DCB609)

The DEWALT FLEXVOLT boasts dual voltage technology for the best in battery performance. Since you can use this on more than one voltage, you get a lot of flexibility with this best battery pack.


Each pack can store energy for up to 180-watt hours. Not only that, but it also remains cooler during operation, which is why it is so durable.


The battery is also highly compatible. It can work with 120V MAX, 60 V MAX and 20 V MAX products and tools.


The housing is made up of silicone for high durability. It keeps out debris, dust, and dirt to protect the battery so that you get a better lifespan from it.


This battery unit remains cooler during operation compared to its rivals. Hence, it is one of the best choices in the market right now.


The battery can also work in very low temperatures, right down to zero degrees Fahrenheit. So you can use it under all sorts of temperature conditions.


The LED display shows you the battery status to know how much charge remains and how much time you have before the battery needs recharging.


One of the best aspects of this battery is that it can automatically switch the voltage when switching to a tool with a different voltage.


Power Tool Batteries Explained

The battery is what makes it possible for you to use cordless power tools. Hence, thinking over the battery quality is as important as the power tool model itself. You have to make sure that the battery you are buying is compatible with your cordless power tool. If there is some kind of mismatch, then the tool may malfunction. It will not perform as desired.


So you should check a battery for everything, including storage capacity, voltage, charging time, and more.


Cordless power tools are seeing increased use; hence, batteries are becoming even more important. Every year, various power tool manufacturers release better and more efficient power tool models that all rely on a good battery to work as designed. Power tool technology is also undergoing major changes almost annually.


As a result, there are more battery options available in the market. You will likely see more battery models in the coming years. Batteries are being designed for improved performance since their workload is now greater than ever before.


So when choosing a cordless power tool, shoppers have to keep an eye on the battery pack that comes with it because this will provide power for the tool. To keep up with changes, users should stay informed about battery features, specifications, performance, and designs. This way, you can learn how to select the right kind of rechargeable battery for your tools.


Rechargeable Battery Terms

You should be aware of battery characteristics as well as terms that matter. Knowing about all of these attributes before shopping is essential. This way, you can purchase the right cordless tool with a good battery.


After cost, some of the most important characteristics of batteries include the run time and lifecycle. That is, it is important to know how long the battery can last before its runs out. Also, you should know how many times it can be recharged before you replace it.


Overall Battery Life

The overall battery life tells you how many times you can fully charge the battery before it loses storage capacity. Once the battery reaches this level, you will find that it is no longer capable of satisfactory use.


For instance, the cycle life of NiCd batteries can be 1,000 charges or above. That is, you can charge a NiCd battery a thousand times before it loses its performance.


Rechargeable batteries wear out after a specified number of cycles. You then have to buy a new battery in its place for satisfactory performance.


In addition to checking out the cycle life, users also have to look at the run time. Li-Ion batteries have longer run times, so their relatively low cycle life is not such an issue. Buyers who purchase Li-Ion batteries can expect their power tools to run for longer periods. Hence, the low cycle life of lithium-ion batteries should not be too problematic.



When they are not being used, rechargeable batteries lose some of their charges. But some lose charge faster than other batteries. However, for many users who will be regularly using their cordless power tools, self-discharge may not be such a huge problem because the battery won’t be kept in storage for long. The self-discharge characteristic becomes vital if you will be storing your battery and power tool for more time.



Voltage is a measure of battery power. It gives you an idea of how much the battery can deliver power. As a result, batteries that have a higher voltage boast greater power.


Rechargeable battery packs are usually made up of a group of individual cells. The total voltage of the battery thus depends on all the individual voltages of the smaller cells.


So if a cordless power tool is 18V and has a lithium-ion battery, it means that it comprises four or more smaller lithium-ion cells.


Our Final Thoughts

Although there are several characteristics that you must look out for when choosing a battery for power tools, we have shown you the very best.


Hence, it is good to go along with DeWalt power tools since they have the highest performing batteries. DeWalt batteries also offer greater flexibility since they can operate on different voltages thanks to the revolutionary FlexVolt technology.


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