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Best Deck Cleaners for Pressure Washers

The deck is a unique space in any home. It lets you enjoy the open-air and outdoor atmosphere while sitting on an interior’s extension. Decks and patios are great to spend quality evenings with friends and family and to have occasional BBQs. While offering an instant getaway from the unventilated and claustrophobic interiors, decks require more dedicated cleaning and maintenance.


In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices


If you want to remain on top of your deck cleaning game, especially if doing it after months, you need to pressure wash it with a specialized cleaning and degreasing solution. If you struggle to find purpose-built deck cleaners for pressure washers in your neighborhood’s chemical and cleaning store, keep reading this blog post.


Here, we’ve put together and reviewed five of the best deck cleaners for pressure washer of this year after due research and trials.


1. Wet and Forget 800003 Moss Mold Mildew & Algae Stain Remover

Decks made of stone, concrete, and wood often experience mildew, mold, and algae growth. If you want to get rid of those stubborn microorganism buildups and stains, you should consider this product by Wet and Forget. The cleaning formula of Wet and Forget 800003 is free of acid, caustic soda, and bleaches to ensure its use doesn’t cause damages and fading to the deck.


Unlike other heavy-duty cleaners, it’s used directly in its concentrated form without any dilution. Just pressure-wash the deck with this solution and wipe it clean with a dry mop afterward; you’ll get rid of all mildew, mold, algae, and other stubborn buildups and stains.



  • Safe to use around vegetation
  • Can be used without a pressure washer too
  • Boasts a bio-degradable formula



  • Not suitable for metallic components and surfaces


2. Spray & Forget Revolutionary Roof Cleaner

If you’re looking for an economical cleaning option for your deck, consider this 1-gallon concentrated solution by Spray & Forget. You can make up to 10 gallons of cleaning solution from a single gallon that will be more than enough to pressure wash a single deck more than 10 times.


This deck cleaner has a non-corrosive formula so you can use it on the deck railing and other metallic components without a worry. The solution is also non-hazardous because it doesn’t contain any bleach, acid, lye, heavy metals, or phosphates.



  • Works on all exterior surfaces
  • Great value for money
  • Boasts eco-friendly formula



  • The no-rinsing requirement may not work in some cases


3. Charlie’s Soap Indoor & Outdoor Surface Cleaner

If you want to bring an all-in-one cleaner that can take care of everything from deck to laundry, consider this 1-gallon Indoor and Outdoor Surface Cleaner by Charlie’s Soap. You can use this deck cleaner with or without a pressure washer. For baked-on deck grime and dirt, it gives better cleaning results with a powerful pressure washer.


We also like this cleaning solution for its eco-friendly formula that is free from phosphates, abrasives, acids, and other harsh synthetics. Unlike other strong cleaners, it doesn’t cause skin irritation. You can use it without gloves.



  • Water-based non-toxic formula
  • Suitable for all household cleaning jobs with different dilutions
  • An eco-friendly formulation that leaves no residues



  • May not offer desired results on dirty concrete decks


4. 30 SECONDS Spray & Walk Away, 1 Gallon – Concentrate

30 Seconds Cleaning Store claims to make a deck cleaner that doesn’t need pressure washing, scrubbing, or hosing. We’ve tried it with or without a pressure washer. It certainly gives visible cleaning results even when you apply on the deck with a spray bottle. However, its cleaning results with a pressure washer are just unmatched. With the pressured jet, it acquires the power to turn your dirty deck brand new.


The cleaning solution works on all sorts of decks surfaces. Whether it’s stone, sealed concrete, or asphalt, 30 Seconds Solution will give equally good cleaning results.




  • Sports a neutral-pH formula— non-hazardous to plants
  • Free of bleach and phosphates
  • Available in multiple sizes



  • Repeated use is not recommended


5. Home Armor FG51264B 80 Ounce EZ Deck Wash

If you’re looking for something to power wash your wooden deck, this 80-ounce cleaning solution by Home Armor is worth considering. Besides wood, you can also use it on stone, concrete, tile, and even PVC surfaces.


The formula of this Home Armor Deck Wash is so mild that you can use it to get rid of dirt and grime from restored and resurfaced finishes as well. We also like this deck cleaner for its packaging. It comes fitted with a hose-end adaptor so you can directly connect the bottle to the garden hose for spray washing.



  • Offers efficient use— one bottle is enough for 1,100 sq-ft
  • Comes with a garden hose attachment
  • Suitable for all types of decks



  • Only available in one size


What to Consider when Buying Deck Cleaner for a Pressure Washer

Take these factors into account when you’re buying a deck cleaner for pressure washer.



You don’t have to put up with harsh deck cleaners that cause skin irritations and allergies when you can find bio-degradable and non-hazardous variants. Make sure that the deck cleaning formula you use is free of acids, phosphates, lye, and bleaches.



Many manufacturers brand their cleaning solutions as “deck cleaners.” But they only provide desirable cleaning results on a couple of materials. If your deck features multiple materials, including concrete, stone, and wood, you need to use a versatile deck cleaner that works on all types of surfaces without damaging them. The label of a versatile deck cleaner mentions all the materials it’s considered suitable for.


Value for Money

You can easily find a top-quality deck cleaner within $25 that’ll help you thoroughly clean your deck space more than ten times. Usually, such cleaners come in 1-gallon concentrates that you can use to make 10 gallons of spraying solution.


Our Final Thoughts

We hope that the above reviews and buying guide help you buy the best deck cleaners for your pressure washer. If we’re to make any suggestion, we’d recommend you buy Wet & Forget Deck Cleaner for its versatility and bio-degradable formula. You can also go with Spray & Forget Revolutionary Cleaner for its budget and eco-friendly attributes.


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