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Are you tired of taking your car down to the car wash every time it gets covered in dust, dirt, and grime? You should consider investing in a pressure washer for your car so you can do the work at a fraction of the cost with greater convenience. Gas pressure washers are too much of a hassle to handle. Electric pressure washers are quieter, eco-friendly, and easier to use.


In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices


Finding the best electric pressure washer for cars is not easy because there are many options on the market. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you find the perfect model that will cater to your needs.


The 5 Best Electric Pressure Washers for Cars

Here is a list of reviews for the best electric pressure washer for cars you can consider:


1. SPX3000 Electric High Pressure Washer by Sun Joe

The SPX3000 Electric High Pressure Washer by Sun Joe is a versatile electric pressure washer for cars that gives you a high performance through a wide range of applications. It features an electric motor that provides 2,030 psi pressure. It has a 20-feet long hose that gives you plenty of reach with the 35-feet long power cord. It also has five quick-change spray nozzles for various applications.



  • Quick-change nozzles
  • 20 feet hose
  • Double removable detergent tanks



  • Only reaches the highest pressure with pinhole attachment


2. 13 Amp High Pressure Washer by Greenworks

The 13 Amp High Pressure Washer by Greenworks is one of the quietest electric pressure washers you can get, and it is the most compact machine we’ve reviewed in our list of the best electric pressure washer for cars. The portable device has a 35-feet long power cord and a 20-feet spray hose.


It has two alternate quick-connect cleaning tips and a soap applicator for easy soap application during the car wash.



  • 1,500 psi pressure
  • Two alternating cleaning tips
  • 35-feet long sprayer hose
  • Excellent value for money



  • Not the most durable machine


3. 2000Psi High Pressure Washer by Briggs & Stratton

The 2000Psi High Pressure Washer by Briggs & Stratton is our premium pick electric washer that is suitable for all pressure washing applications that you need to do quietly. The powerful brushless induction motor generates substantial power, letting it produce 2,000 psi water jets.


It comes with an integrated detergent tank that you can use for soap applications. Four quick-connect nozzles let you quickly switch between the nozzles for various applications.



  • Efficient and quiet
  • Made using a military-grade steel frame
  • Foldable handles for portability and storage



  • Price tag is high


4. SHP2150 Electric Pressure Washer by Stanley

The SHP2150 Electric Pressure Washer by Stanley is another powerful but noise-free pressure washer that delivers a 2,150 psi jet of water. The detergent bottle on this model also doubles as a foam cannon to allow deeper cleaning for tough stains.


It has a 25-foot high-pressure hose that can connect with professional-grade brass connectors to prevent leaks, and it has two never-flat wheels for easier portability.



  • Portable unit
  • Very quiet electric pressure washer
  • Has four quick-connect nozzles



  • Does not produce more than 1.4 gallons per minute water flow


5. K1700 Electric Power Pressure Washer by Karcher

The K1700 Electric Power Pressure Washer by Karcher is a fantastic mid-range electric pressure washer for cars. Producing a maximum of 1,700 psi pressure, it allows you to adjust the water and detergent flow with three nozzles. It comes with a 20-feet long hose that you can turn on or off with a pedal on the base.


It is an all-purpose machine that can make quick work of washing your car and a variety of other cleaning applications for a decent price.



  • Comes with three different nozzles
  • Has a 20-feet long hose
  • Comes with a removable 0.5-gallon detergent tank



  • Some customers have reported that the soap dispenser begins to malfunction over time


Features to Consider When Buying the Best Electric Pressure Washer for Cars

When you are looking for the best electric pressure washer for cars, you need to consider several qualities that can help you determine which is ideal for your requirements. As you can see from the reviews above, each of the products has unique features that set them apart. Consider these features to help you make the ideal decision when you’re looking for the best electric pressure washer for cars.


Soap or Detergent Tank

An electric pressure washer with an additional tank for storing detergent or soap can make the unit more versatile. It can help you conveniently create a soapy foam that can help you clean your car more effectively.


Cord and Tool Storage

While it isn’t a necessary feature, an electric pressure washer with storage compartments to organize your cords, tools, and accessories can be a major advantage for storage after use and getting the unit ready each time you have to start washing your car.


Adjustable or Replaceable Nozzles

A unit with adjustable or replaceable nozzles can be the best electric pressure washer for cars. It can let you handle a variety of tasks with the same product. Adjustable nozzles are better than replaceable ones, so you don’t have to switch around any parts when you encounter a different task. You can simply adjust the nozzle as you go along.


Our Final Thoughts

The SPX3000 Electric High Pressure Washer by Sun Joe is our top pick because it brings you the perfect balance between price and features. The high-quality product lets you clean well without compromising on quality or convenience. The 13 Amp High Pressure Washer by GreenWorks is the perfect budget option for homeowners that need a pressure washer without spending too much money.


The 2000Psi High Pressure Washer by Briggs & Stratton is a high-quality machine with premium features. It is our premium pick, and it comes with a high price tag that matches its exceptional qualities.


Pressure washers have become indispensable tools for homeowners to keep their cars and other products clean from dirt. The best electric pressure washer for cars can help you get ideal results for cleaning your vehicle without creating too much noise or using fossil fuels.


We hope that you have all the information you need to make the ideal purchase decision for the best electric pressure washer for cars between the reviews and the buying guide. Happy cleaning!


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