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Best Extension Cords for Power Tools

You finally got your hands on that amazing electric 4 wheel lawn mower to maintain and manicure your lawn in the way that you want. But obviously, if you want to operate this electric component in the way that you want, you must have an outdoor extension cord to assist in giving the right power connection to your mower.


In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices


If you don’t know how to choose the best extension cord for power tools, this guide is perfect for you. Having used power tools on simple electric extension cords, we would definitely advise you against it. Power tools generate a high load and require the right extension cord and socket to support that load.


In this article, we run you through some of the best extension cords for power tools selected after careful consideration. We also mention some of the things you should remember during the purchase to make it as smooth as possible.


Things to Consider When Buying the Best Extension Cord for Power Tools

By now, you should know why using your electric power tools on a regular extension cord is not necessarily recommended. Indoor extension cords do not fare well on high power tools and can break under the load. Below, we mention some of the things to consider when buying extension cords for power tools.



Each power tool you own comes with a certain amperage level to help it work properly. For this reason, you should compare the amperage requirements of your power tool and compare it with those recommended by the manufacturer on your electric extension cord. Are the two components compatible with each other?


Using an extension cord with a lower amperage limit can significantly decrease the performance you get from your power tool and can even go on to damage it in the long run. Additionally, if this isn’t enough to dissuade you, cords in the extension cord can overheat, leading to a significant fire hazard.


An extension cord with 7 to 10 amps maximum load can be recommended for most power tools such as lawnmowers, leaf blowers and weed eaters. There are, however, heavy duty jobs that require cords with 10 amperes or more as well.


Cable Thickness

The cable thickness goes hand in hand with amperage when buying an extension cord. A thinner cable has a higher gauge and can take more load. You should choose an outdoor extension cord with a gauge of 14 or higher. Remember that the gauge is mentioned in AMG format; you will find something like 14/3 on your extension cord. The first number is the gauge or thickness of the cables and the second indicates the wires passing within it.



Do remember just how far away you are from the nearest socket and how much length you’d need for the fire. Extension cords for power tools come with lengths from 5 feet to 150 feet. You should study the requirements of your work, the placement of the nearest socket and make a decision on length after that. A length of at least 25 feet should suffice for most jobs and homeowners.


1. AmazonBasics 16/3 Vinyl Outdoor Extension Cord – 50 Feet

The AmazonBasics 16/3 Vinyl Outdoor Extension Cord is the perfect extension cord to consider for small backyards. The cord can help power up gardening tools such as those relating to the mowing, trimming, and maintenance of grass.


The cord can power up garden vacuums, leaf blowers, trimmers and mowers. The extension cord comes with a gauge of 16/3 and has wires made of copper with vinyl coverage. The 13 amp rating is perfect for heavy duty chores and will suffice in the long run.


2. Coleman Cable 02356-05 40-Foot 16/3 Outdoor Extension Cord

This Coleman Extension Cord is perfect for light-duty outdoor tasks and works well for power electric equipment. The cord is also used for power tools such as blowers, mowers and trimmers. The cord is made of the color green and blends well within the grass.


The cord comes with a gauge rating of 16/3 and is ideal for all kinds of tasks. The durable vinyl jacket ensures perfect longevity and durability.


3. Yard Master Outdoor Extension Cord with Evenly-Spaced Plugs

This Yard Master Outdoor Extension Cord is well optimized for electric components needed for landscaping. The cord can blend within the environment and does its job well.


The cord is 25 feet in height and can cover a significant distance. Additionally, the 14/3 AWG rating is perfect for light work in the garden. The cord is flexible in nature and has a durable exterior.


4. Otimo 50 Ft 16/3 Outdoor Heavy Duty Extension Cord

This Otimo 50 Ft 16/3 Outdoor Heavy Duty Extension Cord is an excellent heavy duty option for homeowners. Besides just helping with landscaping, the cord is also suitable for garden lights and fountains.


The 50 feet length is ideal and the 16/3 AWG rating works well for most tools. Additionally, the amperage of the cord is marked at 13 amperes, which is significant.


5. ClearMax 25 Feet 3 Outlet Heavy Duty Extension Cord

The ClearMax 25 Feet 3 Outlet Heavy Duty Extension Cord is the last on our list and is another cord that can be used for heavy power tools in both your garage and garden.


The cord carries a length of 25 feet and an AWG rating of 16/3. The cord comes with 3 outlets and has vinyl coverage on the exterior for added protection and layering. The cord is resistant to sunlight, moisture and abrasion.


Our Final Thoughts

The Coleman Cable 02356-05 40-Foot 16/3 Outdoor Extension Cord is our recommended pick for the best extension cord for power tools. This cord is perfect for light-duty outdoor tasks and works well for power electric equipment. You can buy the best cord out of these 5 after reading our reviews and those online.


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