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Best Garden Carts

Garden carts are a vital accessory found in any gardener’s arsenal who prefers getting things done with acute efficiency. Whether it is to load up all your gardening tools and supplies or to carry bags of soil and compost, hauling heavy stuff out to the garden can take a toll on your back, hands, and knee joints. Moreover, lugging these accessories out one-by-one is a waste of time when you can conveniently do the same chores in much less time by picking out the best garden carts.


In a Hurry? Here are the Best Garden Carts


Considering that these wagons are the most effective way to take some of the pressure and stress off your body, it’s best to know all your options before making the final purchase. To make the buying process easier for you, we scoured through Amazon in search of the finest products based on high-starred ratings and genuine customer reviews. However, before getting into that, let us walk you through the basic types of garden carts you can invest in to enhance your gardening experience!


Different Styles of Garden Carts to Know About

Here are four of the everyday-use garden carts that differ from each other in design and features:


1. Flatbed Carts

As the name suggests, flatbed carts don’t have any sides. This wagon design is incredibly convenient for carrying unshapely soil bags, bulky objects, and heavy tree stumps.


2. Utility Carts

Utility carts are considered the most traditional garden supplies, perfect for carrying lots of stuff that you can’t usually fit in other types of wagons. They have four vertical sides to contain everything adequately, but they are generally removable if you want to haul oddly-shaped things like large plants and heavy bags.


3. Dump Carts

Dump carts are often confused with utility carts, as they are both quite similar in shape. However, the difference is that you can lift these carts from one side to dump your load on the ground without having to bend down and pick things up one at a time. This style is particularly helpful when you’re working on big landscaping projects.


4. Foldable Carts

Foldable carts are the ideal go-to option for gardeners with limited space, as they are made of cloth-type fabrics. While the frames are mostly made of metal or hard plastic, the structure can be collapsed like an accordion. However, its sides aren’t removable, so you’ll have to compromise on that in favor of portability.


The 5 Best Garden Carts

Now that you know what options you have for the best garden carts, let’s review the most high-rated products on Amazon so you can make the perfect purchase!


1. Sandusky FW3820 Flatbed Garden Cart

The Sandusky FW3820’s 1000-pound load capacity wagon is the best-rated flatbed cart you can find on Amazon due to its many features. The steel mesh over the iron stand offers increased rust resistance, while the D-style handle attached to the tie rod prevents your load from tipping over. It also has two-inch vertical sides at all four edges, which further limits the chances for the loaded items to roll off to the ground. Moreover, the sturdy rubber ties are great for all floorings, so you don’t have to worry about damaging them in rocky areas.


2. Gorilla Carts GOR400-COM Steel Utility Cart

With removable sides made of steel mesh and pneumatic tires, the Gorilla Carts GOR400-COM should be your ideal pick if you’re looking for improved rigidity, portability, and ground clearance. Furthermore, the padded pull handle makes it easier to pull around 400 pounds worth of weight while providing a 1-year warranty for any encountered damages. Whether you’re a casual gardener or an experienced one, this product holds its own for all your outdoor activities.


3. Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Garden dump Cart

Another one of the best garden carts you can purchase for making your gardening time a zero-pain pursuit is the Gorilla Carts GOR4PS dump cart. Its patented quick-release feature makes your unloading easy, quick, and hassle-free, and the padded handle is designed to pull at least 600 pounds of weight without giving you any problem. Plus, this particular frame style reduces your assembly time to a significant extent.


4. Mac Sports WTC-111 Foldable Garden Cart

The Mac Sports WTC-111 foldable garden cart can be set up in seconds with no assembly time required. The wagon can fold up to only eight-inch thickness, making these carts exceptionally convenient to carry around and store. Plus, it’s a great option for beginner gardeners looking for a cart best-suited for light landscaping work, as it supports a 150-pound load. And the best thing about this product is that its fabric is UV and mildew-resistant, and the dirt can be easily cleaned with a soft brush.


5. Polar Trailer Two-Wheel Hauling Cart

Our last recommendation for you is the Polar Trailer wagon incorporated with two wheels and an easy-to-unload mechanism trolley. The high-impact polyethylene carrier is ideal for loading up to a 400-pound worth of supplies, and the wide, rugged rubber ties are manufactured for tolerating the rough grounds with ease. Moreover, it’s one of the quickest garden carts to assemble, as per the several consumers using the product themselves.


Our Final Thoughts

The best garden carts are the ones designed as per your needs. Hence, we recommend thinking long and hard before leaning towards a specific style. Moreover, if you want your garden cart to remain in good condition throughout the gardening season, we suggest inspecting them for cracks after each use so you can repair the damages before they could cost you heavily. Moreover, checking the metal parts for rust and cleaning them adequately with a soft brush will ensure your cart functions for several seasons before it needs replacement.


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