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Best Garden Hose Carts

If you want to keep your garden neat and organized, you will need some kind of reeling cart or another storage unit where you can tuck away the hose once you are done.


In a Hurry? Here are the Best Garden Hose Carts


Keeping a hose on a cart instead of just coiling it up will make it easier to find. The cart can also protect the hose from dirt and stains and any other elements that can shorten its life.


The 4 Best Garden Hose Carts

In this article, we review some of the best garden hose carts that you can buy on Amazon for storage.


1. Liberty Garden 870-M1-2 Review

The Liberty Garden 870-M1-2 can be a great addition to your garden to help keep everything organized. It has that vintage garden cart design that is both simplistic and stylish.


This cart can hold up to 300 feet long hose of 5/8-inch width. It comes with a 5-foot long inlet hose for attachment. If you want, you can add a longer inlet hose to it, making this reel cart perfect for larger properties.


This hose cart is sturdy enough to serve heavy-duty usage, even on commercial applications. It is very affordable to appeal to homeowners who want to do a bit of landscaping in their garden.


The cart is easy to manage with a large carrying capacity and the capability of keeping the hose neat with minimal effort.


2. Suncast JSF175 Reel Cart

If your backyard is small and you don’t need a very big cart for the hose then the Suncast JSF175 could be the best hose reel cart for you.


This hose is compact and cheap, yet sturdy and reliable. The cart is easy to move around with back wheels and cart handles that allow for easy transportation throughout your yard, patio, lawn, or other outdoor space. It is also quite affordable and the best choice for small properties and small budgets.


In terms of design it has two wheels at the base and a sturdy frame that adds balance and stability. Interestingly, the Suncast is made from durable plastic rather than metal, which is becoming common for gardening equipment.


Do not assume that it will break easily just because it is made of plastic. It is strong and durable, and can easily hold up to 175 feet of 5/8-inch hose.


3. Strongway 400-ft Garden Hose Cart

This Strongway garden hose cart is designed especially for professional gardeners and landscapers that work over a big area. However, it can serve homeowners’ gardening needs just as well.


This model boasts a four-wheel design and comes with sturdy, 10-inch tires. Its metal-based duty reel can hold up to 400 feet of the regular 5/8-inch hose. The inlet hose has a length of 6 feet.


The cart is completely mobile, allowing you to haul it around a big plot with its pulling handle. Since it has four wheels, you do not need to bend and lift it every time. It weighs under 50 lbs.


Another great feature of this hose cart is the integrated basket that can be used to carry other tools and accessories. You can consider this cart a hybrid between a hose reel cart and a dump cart. It is slightly pricier than the other models but definitely worth its money for serious gardeners and professionals.


4. Eley Portable Garden Hose Reel Cart

Finally, if you are looking for an all-rounder hose reel cart at a reasonable price then go for the Eley portable garden hose reel cart. This model is ideal for both smaller and bigger yards.


It has a utilitarian two-wheel design which will mean you have to it to move it around. Thankfully, the cart is not too heavy and weighs less than 33 pounds.


It has a sturdy, aluminum frame and tip-resistant to most surfaces. It has oversized 10” wheels that make it easy to push around. The cart is well balanced and quite stable on most terrains.


It can hold up to 150 feet of 5/8-inch hose, or up to 100 feet of ¾-inch hose, depending on your requirements. It has a 4-feet long polyurethane inlet hose for attachment.


Winding the hose is very easy, thanks to the swivel feature. Overall, this reel cart is stable, durable, and reliable. It offers all that you need for most watering tasks.


Factors to Consider For Buying a Hose Reel Cart

Here are some of the important things to consider when buying a hose reel cart.

  1. The reeling capacity should be taken into account when you buy a hose cart. The smallest capacity on carts is usually 100 feet long. Larger, metal reels can sometimes hold up to a 250 feet long hose.
  2. Bear in mind that the reeling capacity advertised by the cart manufacturer is usually the upper limit. Most people who buy reel carts say that the capacity is often exaggerated and the maximum size that a cart can accommodate can only happen with a tight fit.
  3. Many carts include a leader hose that you can place farther from the spigot and use the full length for watering without letting the hose kink or bend. The leader hose length can vary from very short, 3-foot length to 10 feet or longer.
  4. The number and size of the wheels matter for mobility. Carts with 4 wheels are easier to move around than those with 2 wheels.
  5. Bigger wheels also make it easy to move the cart around. Generally, wheels are between 6 to 10 inches in size.
  6. You can also choose between plastic and metal frame carts. In the past, the only aluminum carts were the only good option as they were sturdy and water resistant. We have now seen plenty of plastic body hose reel carts that are sturdy enough to handle gardening requirements.


Our Final Thoughts

Garden hose carts can make yard work easier as it helps you to quickly reel in the hose once you are done. They are easy to operate and allow you to quickly reel in the hose, making garden work more manageable and organized.


If you are into gardening and landscaping, the best hose reel carts can make your job much easier and enjoyable.


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