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Best Gas Leaf Blowers

Trees are beautiful and amazing, but those leaf deposits sure can be a hassle to clean away. We are certain you agree, because that is exactly why you have been looking for recommendations for the best gas leaf blowers.


In a Hurry? Here are the Best Gas Leaf Blowers


Gas leaf blowers are a blessing in disguise if leafy deposits are a recurring problem where you live. Whether you own a yard or have to clean the porch in front of your building, you will certainly find our recommendations useful, especially because we tried them out.


The 4 Best Gas Leaf Blowers

To offer the best recommendations, we tried out several gas leaf blowers and selected the ones which were able to give us best results. Following were the best performers:


1. Makita BHX2500CA

The first thing you will notice about this option is that it is lightweight, despite the bigger appearance, which makes it very easy to use. It has a 24.5 CC, 4-cycle engine which makes it an efficient and easily usable cleaner. It also doesn’t vibrate much, making it easier to handle.


What we liked best about the Makita was how quiet it was compared to several options and how quickly it starts. It is easy to us it in a busy neighborhood without anyone complaining and also emits much fewer emissions. It also runs at an impressive speed of 145 miles an hour.


It is also durable and does not require extensive maintenance, which made us love it the best out of all the options we tried out. All in all, a great choice.


2. Poulan Pro PR48BT

While bulkier than the Makita, the Poulan Pro is a powerful piece of equipment you should consider adding to your arsenal if you have an especially big yard that needs plenty of cleaning regularly.


It is light for its size and runs at the incredible speed of 200 mph (has 475 cfm). The speed combined with the raw power of its 48 CC 2 cycle engine meant we were able to get the work done in no time.


Noise is the only issue you might face with this gas leaf blower. Since it has a 2-cycle engine, it generates a lot more sound compared to its 4-cycle engine counterparts.


3. Husqvarna 965877502 350BT

The Husqvarna is built for convenience. The part we loved the most was that we could wear it like a back pack and then simply go around cleaning up the leaf deposits around us without worrying about getting tired. Its 692.17 CFM also made our jobs easier because we were able to clean things up efficiently.


Although it weighs 22.5 pounds, much of its weight does not have an impact because it is comfortably covered by the harness system. On top of this, it is extremely efficient. We prefer opting for more environment-friendly option, and this gas leaf blower is just that. It has an X-Torque engine which reduces harmful exhaust fumes by 60% while increasing fuel efficiency by 20%.


It also has cruise control so you can adjust fan speeds depending on your needs. A smart and comfortable product overall.


4. Craftsman B215

We really liked craftsman for several reasons. It first gave us the option to select between three different engine types. We decided to try out the 25 CC 2 cycle engine, which is the smallest they had available.


First off, it is the second lightest in the list (Makita being the lightest at 9.8 pounds), but exceedingly powerful. Despite the lighter frame, it gave us 200mph in speed and 430 CFM in airflow. It was also good with blowing away the wet leaves that can be more difficult to clean away usually.


It starts quickly, and the nozzle extension is very convenient, because it allowed us to increase the air pressure in more stubborn areas. Overall, this product was a great buy, especially for its affordable price.


How to Select the Best Gas Leaf Blower

Aside from offering recommendations, we thought we would give you a short guide as well to help you choose the best gas leaf blower for yourself. Below are the main features you need to look at before you make the final purchase decision.


Cycle Engine Details

Gas leaf blowers typically have either 2-cycle engines or 4-cycle engines, both of which have their unique benefits and limitations.



The 2-cycle engines are extremely powerful, but they are noisy and require oil to be mixes with fuel for them to work.



The 4-cycle engines are quiet and convenient to operate, but they are not as powerful as the 2-cycle engines.


Size of the Area to Be Cleaned

While the options we gave are not as heavy, carrying a gas leaf blower around to carry yards can be tiring if you have a larger size to cover.


So, always choose the gas leaf blower-style based on the size of the space you need to clean. Choose backpack styles for bigger areas and handheld styles for smaller ones.


Cruise Control

Having the option to adjust speed comes in handy since different places require different degrees of pressure and airflow. So, try looking for the ones which offer this feature.


Speed and Airflow

Speed (mph) and airflow (CFM) are both important aspects when buying a gas leaf blower as they give you an idea about the power of the equipment. If your yard has several trees that create piles of leaves regularly, you should consider more powerful options, as they will help you get the space cleaned up more quickly.


Our Final Thoughts

Choosing the right gas leaf blower can make a lot of difference to your cleaning routine. The best gas leaf blower will be convenient to handle, powerful, and adjustable. You will also need to consider your own needs to determine which power level or carrying style will be more suitable for you.


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