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Best Gas Pressure Washers

A pressurized stream of water has the power to cut through metals. We also see the power show of water in gas pressures washers. These motorized pressure washing tools are used to remove baked-on dust, grime, mud, mold, paint, gums, adhesives, and various other residues from buildings, vehicles, and concrete structures.


In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices


Gas pressure washers are better than their electronic counterparts because they offer better PSI output. They don’t balloon up your utility bills either. Also, a gas pressure washer rules out the trip hazards because it works with a wireless configuration.


Since you’ve landed on this page in the pursuit of finding the best gas pressure washer, we won’t let you down. Here, we’ve researched, shortlisted, and reviewed five of the best gas pressure washer on the block right now.


1. Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 MegaShot Gas Pressure Washer

Simpson Cleaning Store offers its MegaShot gas pressure washer that operates at 3200 PSI at the GMP (Gallon per minute) rating of 2.5. The washer is powered by a state-of-the-art Honda GC190 engine and features a maintenance-free axial cam pump. The welded steel frame construction also makes MegaShot a reliable gas pressure washer.


We also like 10-inch premium pneumatic wheels of the washer that allow you to move it around without exhausting yourself. Moreover, it comes with five quick-connect nozzles, including the one for soap so you can set the nozzle spray in line with the cleaning job at hand.



  • Comes with a hardwearing 25-feet hose
  • Sports quick connect nozzles
  • Comes with multiple warranties



  • Doesn’t feature a detergent tank


2. Westinghouse WPX2700 Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Westinghouse has put together a gas-powered pressure washer that ticks all the boxes. It features a gasoline engine that can generate 2700 PSI of pressure, which is enough to pressure-wash decks, patios, vehicles, and walls. This Westinghouse pressure washer comes with a 25-ft hose and also features a separate detergent tank so you can further streamline your cleaning.


This Westinghouse machine stands on two sturdy 12-inch never-flat wheels that ensure hassle-free portable use of this heavy-duty machine. We also like this gas pressure washer for its space-efficient design and aerodynamic frame.



  • Features axial cam pump— maintenance-free
  • Comes with four quick-change nozzle tips
  • Long handle with padded grip



  • Might not be suitable for concrete driveways neglected for too long


3. Generac 7122 SpeedWash Gas Pressure Washer

If you’re looking for an assorted piece of a pressure washer, consider this option by Generac. The 7122 SpeedWash is not a regular pressure washer whose only attachments are nozzle tips. Besides three spray angle tips and one soap tip, you get three extra attachments with Generac SpeedWash.


Its Turbo Nozzle attachment has the power to remove grime and dirt 30% faster. Then, there is a power broom that further streamlines your cleaning job. Lastly, a soap blaster sprays the cleaning mixture to every nook and corner of the object to be pressure washed.



  • Power dial to switch between four modes— wood, car, soap, and concrete
  • Comes with a 25-ft kink-resistant and non-marring hose
  • A great bang for the buck



  • A bit noisy


4. TACKLIFE 3300PSI Gas Pressure Washer

This TACKLIFE gas pressure washer is the most powerful in this list. It features a sturdy 6.5 HP engine that can generate a pressurized water stream of up to 3300psi. No matter how old and baked-on is the mold on your stone walls, the 0-degree nozzle tip will eradicate every last bit of it.


This powerful pressure features two removable non-slip tires. Its hose is also five feet longer than what you usually get with top-of-the-line gas pressure washers. We also like its spray gun’s safety feature that automatically shuts off when the pump trigger is not engaged.



  • Comes with five nozzle tips, including one for soap spray
  • Features 2-year warranty service
  • Features a large detergent tank



  • Might be overqualified for certain domestic users


5. A-iPower APW2700C Gas Powered Pressure Washer

If you’re looking for a gas pressure that is easy on the pocket and can take care of all non-commercial pressure washing jobs, this A-iPower machine is worth considering. It offers a pressurized water stream of 2700psi at 2.3 GMP. This water pressure is enough to remove dirt and grime from sidewalks, patios, walls, and vehicles.


The pressure washer has an ergonomic design, making it easy to move and store. It features a convenient handle with a handgrip and features deep-treaded 8-inch wheels that enhance its maneuverability. You can also order this pressure washer with a cleaner attachment and wash mitt.



  • Comes with three nozzle attachments
  • Great value for money
  • Also available with a detergent soap, mitt, and cleaner attachment



  • Might not be effective against old baked-on grime


Things to Consider While Buying a Gas Pressure Washer

Take these factors into considerations when you’re shopping for a gas pressure washer.


Water Pressure and Output

Make sure that the gas pressure you invest in at least generates 2,500psi of water pressure. Pressure washers that generate pressures in the range of 2500-3500psi are ideal for metal, concrete, and stone surfaces. Also, make sure that the water output is greater than 2 GMP.



A pressure washer must come with multiple nozzle tip attachments to let you create sprays of different powers. Usually, a washer comes with four color-coded nozzle tips:

  • 0° – red, highest pressure with high precision
  • 25° – green, medium pressure  spray
  • 40° – white, low pressure and wide-angle spray
  • Soap application tip – black


Detergent Tank

If you want to ensure hassle-free soap cleaning of vehicles and floors, consider a pressure washer that features a detergent tank.


Hose Length and Handle

A longer hose length lets you cover a larger space without moving the washer too much. Meanwhile, a telescopic handle enables you to target the dirt and grime spots more precisely without straining your hands.


Our Final Thoughts

We hope that the above reviews and buying guide help you find the best gas pressure washer for your use. If we’re to make any suggestion, we’d recommend you buy Simpson Cleaning MegaShot for its power, top-quality engine, and reasonable price. If you want a detergent tank in your pressure washer, then the TACKLIFE machine is worth considering.


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