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Best Hose for Pressure Washer

The water hose in your home is one of the most versatile tools for a homeowner. It is essential for several uses, from watering your garden to washing your home, driveway, cars, and other applications. As far as cleaning is concerned, sometimes the most intense scrubbing, scouring and soaps cannot do the trick. Pressure washers can be the real deal when it comes to excellent cleaning.


In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices


Many people use the best hose for pressure washers in their homes to clean everything with a jet that has water pressure much higher than a standard garden hose. If you have been tackling dirt that just does not seem to come out with regular washing, you need to install the best pressure washer to get the job done.


You need a hose that can handle all that high pressure so you can use it with your pressure washer. Our guide to the best hose for pressure washer can help you find the perfect fit.


The 5 Best Hoses for Pressure Washers

Here is a list of reviews for the best hose for pressure washer you can consider.


1. Pressure Washer Hose by Apache

The Pressure Washer Hose by Apache is an ideal hose for both electric and gas pressure washers. It can withstand heavy-duty applications with a tolerance for pressures as high as 3,700 psi.


The bend restrictors on the hose allow it to last much longer than standard hoses. Scuff resistant treatment ensures it does not take damage from regular wear and tear.



  • Easy to use product
  • Offers the best balance between price and functionality
  • Durable product



  • Does not come with male adaptor


2. Pressure Washer Hose by Schieffer Co.

The Pressure Washer Hose by Schieffer Co. is our budget pick for the best hose for pressure washer. This hose is perfect for use with both gas and electric pressure washers if you do not have a big budget. It can handle pressurized water jets of up to 3,000 psi.


It is a lengthy 50-foot hose with a seamless inner tube and braided textile reinforcement for added strength. It is resistant to kinks and can provide you a good service for a long time.



  • Excellent value for money.
  • Lengthy hose.
  • Efficient product.



  • Some customers reported that the hose can kink easily.


3. Monster Cold Water Hose by Simpson Cleaning

The Monster Cold Water Hose by Simpson Cleaning lives true to its name. If it was not for the high price tag, it would be our top pick. The seriously powerful pressure washer hose can handle pressures up to 4,000 psi without a problem.


It has a durable inner liner that has extra reinforcement through dual overbraind technology of a steel and polyester braid. It can provide more power and handle greater pressures.



  • Robust hose.
  • Quick connect fittings on each end.
  • High-quality materials.



  • It can become stiff.


4. 6221 Pressure Washer Hose by Generac

The 6221 Pressure Washer Hose by Generac stands out because of its orange color. Not the most robust hoses on the list of the best hose for pressure washer but a respectable entry that can withstand 3,100 psi of pressure.


It is also more flexible compared to the other entries. It has restrictors on both ends to reduce wear and tear, and the tubing is made with reinforced nylon technology.



  • High-quality product.
  • Durable.
  • Ideal replacement hose.



  • Can kink quite easily.


5. 1/4-Inch Pressure Washer Hose by Briggs & Stratton

The 25-foot long 1/4-Inch Pressure Washer Hose by Briggs & Stratton is another ideal replacement hose for pressure washers that is compatible with any 22mm machine and most handles. Not the most durable product on our list, it can still withstand 3,000 psi of water pressure.


The hose can feel a little stiff at times, but it is incredibly lightweight and versatile. You can get a lot of good use out of this hose.



  • Fits most pressure washers.
  • Ideal size.
  • Affordable price tag.



  • Can became easily stiff.


Features to Consider When Buying the Best Hose for Pressure Washer

When you’re buying the best hose for a pressure washer, you need to consider various factors to help you make the right choice. As you can see, each product offers unique features that set it apart from the others in our list. Consider the following aspects when you are looking at your options so you can make the ideal choice.


Material of Hose

The material used in the hose plays a critical role in how well the product can work for you. Not every regular hose can withstand the high-pressure water jet. The material has to be durable under high pressure and should not make the hose so stiff that you cannot maneuver it.


The material of the hose will also determine how heavy or light it will be. You need to balance durability, flexibility, and ease of use when you’re choosing the best hose for pressure washer.


Length of Hose

Pressure washer hoses can come in a wide variety of lengths from a few feet up to 100 feet. If you want to reach a broader area while using your pressure washer, you need to get a longer hose. However, you should know that the water pressure decreases the longer it has to travel. You cannot use a hose that is too long or you risk wasting money by losing all the necessary water pressure.


Hose Couplings

Hose couplings refer to the point where your hose connects with the water supply. You need to choose a hose that is compatible with your pressure washer and uses a durable material. Ideally, brass provides a durable and long-lasting coupling. Plastic is easier to maneuver, but it is more prone to break.


Our Final Thoughts

The Pressure Washer Hose by Apache is our top pick because it gives you the best balance between price and functionality. The Pressure Washer Hose by Schieffer Co. is an excellent option if you’re on a tight budget. It delivers on quality without breaking the bank. The Monster Cold Water Hose by Simpson Cleaning would be our top pick because it is the best in the market. However, it comes with a high price tag for its premium quality build.


Pressure washers can help you take care of cleaning tasks in a fraction of time it would take if you use scrubbing or chemicals to clean anything. You just need to make sure you have the right tools on hand to get the job done. The best hose for pressure washer can make a world of difference.


We hope you have all the information you need to make the ideal purchase decision. Happy cleaning!


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