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Best Pegboard Hooks for Power Tools

Pegboards are an excellent way of organizing your tools in your garage or shed. However, having the right pegboard hooks can enhance the usefulness of the board. Organizing power tools can be trickier as they are heavier than the rest of the tools and are more prone to damage if they fall from the pegboard.


In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices


Finding the right hook to keep the power tools organized and secure on a pegboard can make it easier. There are numerous types of hooks available for pegboard, including double peg hooks and j-hooks. The ideal hook is the one that is compatible with your pegboard and is sturdy enough to hold your power tools.


The 4 Best Pegboard Hooks for Power Tools

Here are some of the best pegboard hooks for power tools:


1. Wellmax 188pc Pegboard Hooks Accessories Assortment

These pegboard hooks are extremely durable and have been designed to hold heavy-duty tools. These hooks are made with electroplated steel that also protect the hook from corrosion and rust.


This assortment comes with a range of hooks that could meet your requirements. It includes 17 types of heavy-duty hooks, including double straight, straight, curved, angled, and peg locks. It can help you thoroughly organize not just your power tools but the light-weighted tools as well.



  • Sturdy and durable to hold the power tools
  • Suitable for both non-metal and metal pegboards
  • Easy-to-use and includes peg locks
  • Range of different types of hooks



  • Higher price tag
  • Smaller in size


2. Pegboard Drill Holder

This hook is specially designed to hold various drills and power tools. It can securely hold both corded and cordless drills with ease, along with pneumatic and power tools, depending on the size. Since it is specifically designed as a drill holder, it is extremely sturdy and made with high-quality steel.


It includes two drill holder hooks, which means you can easily organize two drills or other power tools on the pegboard. It can fit all standard pegboards and can be used on both non-metal and metal pegboards.



  • These are heavy-duty holders
  • Suitable for almost all standard-sized pegboards
  • Can hold power tools and other tools



  • These drill holders can carry a specific size of drills and power drills


3. Dorman Hardware Coated Double Utility Hook

These double hooks keep your power tools and other heavy tools neatly organized and away from the floor. These are designed to fit ¼ inch pegboards and can carry the weight up to 10lbs. You can easily store your power tools, shovel handles, and other tools with these utility hooks.


These hooks are created with neoprene-coated steel, which means you can place heavy tools on them without any worries. These double hooks are reliable and durable. The metal is covered with quality rubber to enhance protection and safety.




  • These hooks are made with heavy-duty neoprene coated steal
  • It can easily carry about 10lbs



  • Only compatible with ¼” pegboard


4. 6 Pack Pegboard Power Tool Holder

This pegboard power holder hook is made with high quality, durable steel and specifically designed to hold power tools. It can securely hold a range of different drills, including cordless and corded, along with other handheld tools and pneumatic tools. It includes six sets of power tool holder hooks.


These are easy to install and can fit all non-metal and metal pegboards with 1-inch spaced of 3/16in, 1/8in, and 1/4in diameter. The hooks are made with neoprene-coated steel material that can firmly grasp heavy tools and keep them in place. The hooks are corrosion-free, rust-free, and anti-slip.



  • It can hold a range of different tools
  • Extremely sturdy and high quality
  • Works well with different sizes of tools
  • Suitable with both non-metal and metal pegboard



  • Only compatible with pegboards with 1-inch spaced holes


Factors to Consider When Buying Pegboard Hooks for Power Tools

When you are looking for pegboard hooks for power tools, there are certain factors you should consider to make an ideal decision. Here are some things to consider before you make the purchase:


Type of Pegboard

Always consider the type of pegboard you are using, including the hole spacing, hole sizes, and board thickness. This will ensure that the hook you are selecting would be compatible with the board.


Hook Materials

Consider the material of the pegboard to determine the right hook material. Metal hooks would be more suitable to hold the power tools securely in place. Make sure the hook has a lock system to prevent it from falling or slipping. If there isn’t any lock system, consider getting peg locks to safely store your power tools on the hooks.


Dimensions of the Hook

Hooks are available in different sizes and thicknesses. Be sure to check the holes on the pegboard to ensure that they would fit securely. Moreover, the thickness of the hook would determine how much load it can carry. Determine the power tools you want to store using those hooks to find the right size and length.


Customer Reviews

Lastly, always check out the reviews by customers on the hooks you are considering to purchase. Keep in mind that you want hooks that could hold heavy power tools. Therefore, check the reviews to ensure these hooks did the work for the other customers.


Our Final Thoughts

Having the right types of hooks for power tools is essential to properly and safely organize your tools on a pegboard. For us, the 6 Pack Pegboard Power Tool Holder is the winner. It is made with high-quality and sturdy material and can secure a range of different sizes.


These top four pegboard hooks for power tools should get you started. However, be sure to use the buyer’s guide to find the right fit for your requirements and needs.


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