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Best Power Tool Brands

DIY enthusiasts want the best power tools for the money. They want to get maximum value out of their limited budget. Thats why they must know about the best brand for power tools.


Dewalt stands out as the best brand for power tools. Thanks to superior quality, functionality and durability, Dewalt is now synonymous with trust.


The 6 Best Power Tool Brands

Bear in mind though that other awesome tool brands like Makita, Milwaukee, Black and Decker and others are not too far behind.



Dewalt makes some of the best tools in the business. Dewalt boasts a wide product range. You can select the tool that best fits your need from the immensely versatile product lineup.


Its tools are characterized by high ergonomics due to which you will find it easy to control them. You will also experience less fatigue.


Dewalt’s legendary reliability is second to none. Over the years, not has Dewalt made great strides in durability and reliability, it has also greatly expanded its assortment of tools and continues to do so even today.


Thus, when you have to choose from a power saw, you will have to make the choice between the 20V Max Power Detect, 20V Max Brushless, FlexVolt 60V Max and also the 20V Max FlexVolt models. This might appear like a dizzying amount of items to choose from, but once you understand the specs and distinctive features of each model, you will be able to choose one that is best for your needs.


The major downside is that Dewalt has been a bit slow to push into the automotive tool sector. The 12 Mx Xtreme Subcompact range is not as stellar as other conventional Dewalt tools. But their quality is improving steadily with time.


Milwaukee tools sport great quality, durability and reliability which is why this brand is a hot favorite with the pros. Both the 18V and 12V class of tools are extraordinary.


One standout feature of Milwaukee is that it is a very innovative brand. As a result, you will see that many new features emanate for the first time from Milwaukee.


Perhaps the biggest downside to Milwaukee power tools is that they keep the battery in the hand grip which makes it rather chunky and wide. Other brands have the better slide style configuration for batteries.


Milwaukee provides solutions to workman problems by deploying sophisticated innovative features in its power tools. It continuously develops new tools and thus the cordless tool range is a viable alternative to wired power tools. The M18 range in particular distinguishes itself with several advantages and features that address trade-specific needs.


Since Milwaukee tools are sophisticated, innovative and feature-rich, you will have to pay a premium price for its products as expected. However, from time to time, the best brand for power tools also generously gives away a lot of value for free. Like for example, you can get free bonus batteries and tools.


Milwaukee is a very close competitor to Dewalt and both brands are vying actively to capture the lion’s share of the power tool market.


Makita is also renowned as one of the best brands for power tools. The prestigious brand is acclaimed for its rugged durability, value for money, ergonomics and sophisticated features.


The 18V assortment of power tools is quite extensive and is undergoing rapid expansion. The 12V segment on the other hand has become somewhat stagnant and its growth has slowed down a bit over the years. However, the 12V range of tools has been recently revamped and it thus provides an interesting array of tools to choose from.


Makita is known for its highly competitive quality. But there are limitations to some of the tools though. The latest Makita XGT 40V Max platform which is about to be launched soon does not have backward compatibility with the 18V cordless range.


There are some really cool Makita power tools that you should be really looking into. These top-rated products boast extremely high customer satisfaction and delight like the Makita CX200RB 18V Combo Kit for instance.


Festool some of the most unique tools. You can buy tools here that are hard to find anywhere else like hybrid corded-cordless sanders. Due to consistently great reliability and quality over the years, the Festool brand enjoys a high reputation.


Unfortunately, the major downside is that the product range is very limited. You do have options for cordless power tools though. In 2020, Festool launched a range of cordless tools in combo kits that are well suited for the needs of remodelers and contractors.


Another big downside is that although the quality is no doubt good, the price is too high especially for budget conscious buyers.



Ridgid has a broad array of 18V cordless tools that you can choose from. Beside basic tools, there are quite a few innovative and unique tools that are not always available elsewhere. There is a good balance between price and performance so you get high value for money.


The Limited Lifetime Service Agreement will cover batteries, service and parts. But bear in mind that there are certain restrictions that apply.


Compared to other brands, the 18V product range is somewhat limited. Unfortunately, the 12 V product range has now ceased production. However, if you have its 12V tools, you can still get chargers and batteries.


The 18V continues to grow steadily though. They have also enhanced the quality of their power tools over recent years. You can find innovative features in their tools that are not available in most other brands.


In recent times, Ridgid has expanded into the subcompact market with lightweight tools.



Ryobi stands out as a leading best brand for power tools. The 18V One+ range is enormous. All sorts of users ranging from pros to hobbyists can gain much value from these tools.


The really nice thing about Ryobi is that they take DIYers seriously. Thus, they have not changed into the slide style battery configuration.


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