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Best Power Tools for Cars

Professional auto mechanics and enthusiasts use power tools for cars to get through their automotive projects.


These tools have seen great improvements over the years. For example, improvements in compressor technology allows for more reliable working and greater power.


Having the best power tools for cars is not just a matter of convenience. Besides saving time and energy, these tools allow for better workmanship.


The 3 Best Power Tools for Cars

Here are the best power tools for cars that all automotive professionals and enthusiasts should look into.


BLACK+DECKER GoPAK Cordless Drill Combo Kit, 4 Tool

The Black+Decker GoPak Cordless Drill Combo Kit gives you access to 4 tools so that you can drill, sand and cut with ease. There is also a flashlight to provide visibility in dimly lit areas.


You can power your mobile devices with the 2-in-1 GoPak Battery since it has a USB outlet. You get a sander, jig saw and a drill/driver in the kit. You can do a great many jobs with these cordless power tools.


Porter Cable 4 Tool In One Combo Kit

The Porter Cable 4 Tool in One Combo Kit gives you a reciprocating saw, 5½ inch circular saw, 2 speed ½ inch drill/driver that can help you to accomplish a wide range of tasks.


These are all cordless power tools so that you can work without getting tangled in wires. The devices are ergonomic, lightweight and powerful so that you can accomplish more work in less time with less fatigue.


The kit also has reciprocating saw blade, and an 18T carbide blade. A pivoting shoe is included. Devices have built-in mechanisms for tool free blade changes.


Other accessories in the kit include spare wood-cutting blade, spare saw blade, carry bag, charger, 2 batteries and a light.


The drill can generate 283 Watts of power output. You can select between 2 speeds – a max speed of 1,500 rpm and a gentler 350 rpm. You have the power that you need to ace any task at hand.


Besides being fairly light, the drill is also compact so that you can store it with ease.


The circular saw can go to a top speed of 3,700 for high speed cutting. You can adjust the bevels from 90 to 45 degrees to make special cuts. You don’t need a tool for depth adjustment.


Likewise you can change the blade without the use of a tool.


An LED light is included in the kit so that you can work in dimly lit areas. Two 20 volt lithium batteries are part of the package.


Milwaukee Impact Wrench

You will need a really good impact wrench for automotive work since you will be using it everyday. Thus, you should invest in the very best. The Milwaukee Impact Wrench is an extraordinary power tool that leaves the competition in the dust.


The 3/8 inch impact wrench is optimized so that you can work with ease even in tight spaces which is frequently the case in automotive engineering and maintenance. Although powerful, the impact wrench is lightweight as well as compact. The motor can last up to 3 times longer than rival models.


High charge batteries mean that you can work for longer without any interruption.


You can select between low and high speeds depending on the application at hand.


The POWERSTATE brushless motor excels with its durability and consistency. Since there are no wearable components, the motor lasts longer than other models. The design is such that despite high power output there is less heating.


Compared to standard lithium batteries, the REDLITHIUM 2.0 Compact Battery Pack can generate 20 percent extra power. These batteries can perform well even under the most demanding and challenging heavy duty use.


The fuel gauge tells you how much battery charge is left.


REDLINK PLUS Intelligence optimizes device performance and protects it from quick discharging, overheating and overload.


The Impact Wrench can produce 1,400 in-lbs of torque. The ergonomic design reduces user fatigue and allows for better control. There is also a built-in LED that can illuminate dark spaces to keep you on top of your game.


Why You Should Have Automotive Power Tools

Automotive power tools empower you to work faster. Your productivity improves and you get more work done in less time.


You can exert more power with electrical tools in your hands. Thus, loosening or tightening fasteners is a cinch. Since fasteners, bolts and screws require a fair amount of torque to keep components together, having a power tool makes sense. There is also less risk of not tightening fasteners hard enough.


With electrical power at your disposal to do much of the hard work, you experience less fatigue. With less stress and tiredness, you can think more clearly and maintain focus for smart work. The risk of developing injuries will also go down. Long use of hand powered tools can lead to strain injuries which can possibly render you incapable of working in the future.


Kinds of Automotive Power Tools


You will be doing the bulk of automotive work with drivers. With an electrically powered driver to the hard work for you, you will not have to slave away with conventional drivers.


The most common varieties are impact drivers and electric screwdrivers. The impact driver is great for imparting large torques owing to its high power.



Drills are quite expedient for making upgrades. Thats because there are a lot of accessories can cannot be installed securely without drilling holes to keep them rigidly in place. Make sure that you have a good drill at hand for installing upgrades and accessories.


Grinders and Saws

If you have a shop for custom cars, then you cannot do without grinders and saws. These power tools for calls empower you to make drastic changes necessary for custom work like cutting away body panels.


Our Final Thoughts

You can make use of the best power tools for cars mentioned above to improve workmanship, productivity and  quality of work.


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