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Best Power Tools for Electricians

What are the must-have power tools for electricians? This is a good questions to ask since novices as well as experts can benefit from tools that will boost their productivity, expedite projects and improve the quality of their workmanship.


The 5 Best Power Tools for Electricians

Here are power tools for electricians that are truly worth considering.


Hammer Drill

You will need to use a drill on a daily basis, so it would be a good idea to invest in a fine hammer drill.


While there are several good brands in the market, the best one by far is the Milwaukee tool brand.


The Milwaukee 2804-20 M18 is a class-leading power tool that all electricians should have.



  • Motor packs more power than most rivals
  • Overload protection system
  • Battery lasts longer
  • Cordless



  • Some complaints about heating


The drill packs more power than most other brands. Thus you have enough power at your disposal to drill in the toughest surfaces with less effort as compared to other units. With a max torque of 1,200 in-lb, the Milwaukee boasts over 50% more turning force than the average model in the market.


There is also a built-in system that protects against overload while ensuring optimal performance. Thus, even with heavy duty use, the drill will perform as intended without malfunctioning.


The special battery pack stores more charge than competing units. Thus, you can work for longer uninterrupted.


One good idea is to buy an extra battery so that you can use it to replace the working battery when it is exhausted.


There was a time when cordless devices were considered a luxury. But now they are a necessity. Much like how laptops have now taken over the computing world thanks to portability and cordless functionality.


Impact Driver

The impact driver has now become a prime choice for drilling. The impact works quite nicely if you don’t need a hammer drill or drill multiple holes.


An impact driver packs more torque output in a smaller package making it a great power tool for electricians.


The Milwaukee Impact Driver Pistol Grip is the hot favorite of the pros.



  • High torque
  • Compact head gets into tight spaces
  • Variable speed selection
  • High capacity battery



  • Pricey


The brushless motor cranks out 30 percent higher speed than most rivals due to which you can boost productivity and get more done in less time.


The drill head is less than 5 inches in length due to which you can work in tight spaces without hindrance.


At 2,000 in-lb of max torque, you have enough turning force to accomplish even the most onerous tasks. This is about 25% more torque than rival units.


The battery has high charge capacity so that you can work longer without disruption.


You can exert a high level of control over the unit power output and speed by taking advantage of the 4-mode drive control.



The name says it all. SAWZALL can saw just about anything that comes its way. Whether it is construction work or demolition work, electricians can accomplish the most arduous tasks with the cordless power tool.


With the Milwaukee 2720-20 M18 SAWZALL, you can rip through your project in short time. How?



  • High power output
  • Terrific cutting speed
  • Cordless
  • Overheating protection
  • Dependable, less prone to breakdowns


  • Some complaints over blade change mechanism


It is just about as durable as a corded saw while delivering comparable power but without the hassle of getting tangled with an annoying wire.


The brushless motors can work for long hours without overheating and delivers high power output for faster cutting.


REDLINK PLUS Intelligence protects the device from overload and overheating while boosting performance via smart communication between battery, motor and tool. There will be less incidences of breakdown and you will get more work done without disruptions.


The battery pack hold more charge than most other brands.


The patented clutch design protects gears from excessive wear and damage.


At 3,000 SPM, the reciprocating saw empowers you to tear through the toughest jobs like a boss.


Circular Saw

The circular saw is an important power tool to have especially if you are dealing with construction.


The SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saw cuts its way through wood like a hot knife through butter.



  • Fast cutting speed
  • Powerful motor
  • Lightweight
  • Compact



  • Designed for wood only


It does that thanks to solid 15-amp motor that churns out 5,300 RPM for faster cutting speeds. The 7 ¼ inch carbide tipped blade is sharp and durable.


At under 7 pounds, the device is surprisingly lightweight for its size, power and speed. A dust blower is also present so that your line of sight is not obscured with flying sawdust.


If you will be working with wood, then you will be glad that you got yourself the right circular saw.


Angle Grinder

You probably wont be using the angle grinder each and every day but you will need one from time to time which is why you should invest in a high quality device. All sorts of wheels are available for angle grinders so that you can conquer the toughest materials. With the right wheel for your angle grinder, you can tear your way through sheet metal, stainless steel, steel, stone and hard board. The angle grinder is needed especially for custom work.


The Makita 9557PBX1 4 ½ in. Angle Grinder.



  • Fast and strong motor
  • Built-in protection against overload
  • Very lightweight and compact
  • Versatile, works for all sorts of materials
  • Housing protects motor from dust, extends tool life



  • Some complaints about motor burnout


The unit is an industrial grade grinder that boasts a powerful 7.5 amp motor that can crank out a blistering fast 11,000 RMP for quicker cutting speeds. Built-in motor protection features allow for greater durability even under tough conditions. The motor starts up gradually so that you can begin smoothly. The housing is designed to minimize the infiltration of dust and debris too keep the motor safe.


The assortment of power tools for electricians mentioned above can help you to plough your way through the toughest tasks in less time. So make sure that you invest in these tools for better, faster and less stressful work.


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