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Best Power Tools for the Money

The best power tools for the money can give you bang for buck. You want to make sure that you are getting maximum value out of investment.


The 5 Best Power Tools for the Money

Hence, you will have to check out the best power tools for the money as mentioned below to make the right choice.


Milwaukee 2551 12 Volt Impact Driver

What else can occupy the top spot besides Milwaukee? Its really amazing how far ahead of the competition the prestigious tool brand is.


The rigid drivetrain and brushless motor crank out 1,200 inch pounds of max torque. That is a lot of power for driving screws with effortless ease.


The extraordinary push-to-lock chuck is a joy to use. The 2-speed selector switch allows for easy use.


BOSCH 3 ¼ Inch Hand Planer

The Bosch hand planer is rated at 6.5 amp and 16,500 rpm for smooth finishing and material removal. The power tool works well for both hard wood and soft wood. The maximum depth of cut is 3/32 in. while the planing width is 3 ¼ inch.


The planer weighs just over 6 pounds making it a handy easy to control tool. The lightweight tool provides high efficiency and power with its compact frame.


The planing power tool surpasses expectations and performs well on all fronts. It has a lot of power allowing precise working and time saving. There is hardly any vibration to be felt when using the tool. The finished surface is as smooth as glass.


The tungsten carbide knives are outstanding. They remain sharp even after heavy use. The 10 foot cord is a major boon since it obviates the need for any extension.


Milwaukee 2426-22

The Milwaukee 2426-22 is the multi-tool that you need to tackle all sorts of DIY jobs with finesse. This versatile device can help you to remain on top of your game.


Trimming, grinding, sanding and cutting are all a breeze with the Milwaukee2426-22. And there is more that you can do besides.


The orbiting motor maxes out at 20,000 OPM. Thus, you have generous power and speed at your disposal to do what you like. You can use the right power setting that suits you best with so much power to spare. The adjustable speed knob and the variable speed trigger simplifies speed change.


A number of pieces come prepackaged so that you can start working out of the box. One of these is the multi-use cutting blade that can cut both metal and wood while clearing grout.


Since it can cut through grout and work in narrow spaces, you don’t need another device for the said tasks and thus you save.


A sanding pad is also included and it has 5 sandpaper sheets with of different grit size. You don’t have to make a separate purchase for power sanding so you save.


The universal adaptor makes this machine even more versatile lending it the capability of mounting other brand accessories. With such freedom to choose, you can work in the way that suits you best.


As soon you plug in the 12 volt lithium ion battery you are ready to work. The casing side sports LED panels that show remaining battery power so that you are never out of luck.


No matter what you are doing, you are sure to find tremendous utility and value when using this machine. It functions well for demolition, construction, plumbing and electrical work.


DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer Kit

18 gauge nails can be tricky to work with. Longer nails tend to be more complicated since firing it reliably into hardwood is much harder. But this is where the DEWALT Brad Nailer shines since it can do the job without getting the nail jammed in the mechanism.


The battery powered cordless nailer obviates the need for a compressor. Likewise, you do not have to buy gas cartridges or a hose for the compressor to work.


The brushless motor is designed for durability and long uninterrupted operation.


You can boost the accuracy of nail positioning via the micro nose design of the device which enhances line of sight.


Tool-free adjustment of depth allows for accurate countersinking of nails.


The jam release mechanism is tool-free so that you can extract jammed nails with utmost ease.


The LED lights help you with tool diagnostics. You can illuminate dimly lit areas to see work surfaces properly.


DEWALT Chop Saw D28715

The DEWALT Chop Saw D28715 is your best bet for cutting all things steel. Alright, it wont exactly glide through steel like a hot knife through butter, but it will give you far less hassle than other models in this class-leading steel cutting tool category.


The 14 inch saw on the machine is powered by a powerful 15 amp motor which is able to reach high speeds without overheating.


There are 2 features that are particularly worth noting. The Quik Change mechanism allows for fast blade change to reduce down time which will boost productivity. The Quick-Fence mechanism also allows for reduced downtime by allowing you to make accurate and fast cuts.


The keyless wheel change feature means that you can switch the wheel conveniently without a fuss. The Quik Lock Vise is designed to rigidly hold materials for an accurate and precise cutting job. The powerful motor allows you to make the toughest cuts in less time.


Despite its heavy duty capabilities, the machine is easy to move and install due to its portable design. Instead of moving heavy steel bars, rods and channels to the saw, you can move the relatively light saw to heavy materials for smart and quick work in your workshop.


The circular saw also has a pivoting fence that allows you to easily make angle cuts.


Our Final Thoughts

The best power tools for the money mentioned above can help you to improve your workflow, boost productivity and improve quality of your finished workpieces.


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