Best Pressure Washers for Foam Cannons

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There are a lot of reasons why one should buy a quality foam cannon to go along with their pressure washer. Not only does it provides superior foam, allowing the cleaning agent to lubricate and remove the tough grime thoroughly off surfaces, but it also helps make the actual wash much easier and saves you time.


However, for optimal results with your foam cannon, it is best to pair it with a compatible pressure washer. Ideally, these are pressure washers boasting a high PSI of 1400 or more as well as a GPM of 2 or above. In this article, we will be listing down some of the best pressure washers for foam cannon.


In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices



1. Highsell Electric Pressure Washer

With a max PSI of 3800 and a GPM of 2.8, this incredible pressure washer from Highsell not only will complement well with your high-grade foam cannon but will easily take care of the most demanding of cleaning tasks.


The pressure washer comes with five nozzles, including one specifically made for soap spraying. This provides you with plenty of versatility in terms of cleaning applications. The pressure washer also features a large soap storage capacity of 0.26 gallons. This eliminates the hassle of having to refill it multiple times while cleaning.


To conserve water and extend the life service of its motor, the pressure washer comes with an auto stop system that immediately shuts off the pump when the trigger is disengaged.


With a 20 ft hose and 35 ft power cord, the pressure washer also provides you with plenty of reach and virtually eliminates the need to use an extension cord.


All of this provided is provided at a very affordable price tag, thus promising tremendous value for money. However, at least in one area, the figures on this otherwise fantastic pressure washer come as a bit disappointing. Max water tolerance is just 104 F, which can limit its effectiveness in some washing applications. There plenty of cheaper options on the market that can boast a higher max tolerance.



  • 3800 PSI
  • 8 GPM
  • Long reach
  • 5 spray nozzles
  • Auto-stop system
  • Large soap capacity
  • Affordable Price



  • Low water temperature tolerance


2. Powerhouse International Electric Pressure Washer

Provided you don’t mind the premium price tag, this pressure washer from Powerhouse is another excellent option to go with your foam cannon. The max pressure of this washer is 3000, and the water flow is an appreciative 2.2 GPM, allowing for nice foam spraying.


The company spent three years developing the design of this pressure washer. It terms of quality, it is almost unmatched, even compared to competitors in its price group. Design-wise, this pressure washer is engineered to be very robust, and you can expect it to last a long while without needing repairs. Like our previous entry, this product also boasts an auto stop system.


The main spotlight of this review should go towards the hose pipe. It is unusually flexible and coils very efficiently. We can guarantee that problems such as tangling or kinking would be rare with this pressure washer. Furthermore, at 30 ft, the hose length is also commendable. It, along with the 35 ft power cord, translates to a generous reach while cleaning. For adjustable spraying, the pressure washer also comes with 5 quick connect nozzle tips.


The free accessories it comes with are also worth a mention. Accessories include a spinning patio cleaner, a foam sprayer, a soft bristle brush, and a wench for securing your garden hose to the machine. Each of these accessories can be stored on the pressure washer, reducing the chances of their misplacement.


For easier portability, the pressure washer also features a removable 4-wheel cart, which also contributes to its stability and prevents it from tipping. Though, it does show its limitation while moving through less firm surfaces like grass and gravel. Simply carrying it around is not always a viable option either as this thing weighs around 32 lbs.



  • 3000 PSI
  • 2 GPM
  • Long reach
  • Auto-stop system
  • 5 spray nozzles
  • Durable and stable design
  • Comes with plenty of accessories included
  • Flexible, tangle-free hose pipe



  • Pricy
  • Mobility limitations


3. SIMPSON CM60912 Gas Pressure Washer

The biggest advantage of a gas-powered pressure washer over an electric one is that it can tolerate higher water temperatures. This, along with a commendable PSI and GPM of 2400 and 2.0 respectively, makes it a very versatile pressure washer. For adjustable spraying, the pressure washer also features 3 quick connect nozzle tips.


With a massive 1-gallon soap tank, the pressure washer adds convenience to your cleaning tasks by eliminating the need for a refill midway through the process.


Design-wise, this pressure washer is quite durable. Its stainless steel frame is also corrosion-resistant, and its high-grade plastic parts are robust enough to withstand sustained abuse.


While gas-powered pressure washers are known for being maintenance-heavy, Simpson’s is a definite exception. The brand is known for the reliability and dependability of their products. All their pressure washers are tested before being sent to markets. If reviews from previous customers are any indicators, expect this gas-powered pressure washer to last a long while without any hassle.


While this pressure washer may be fairly bulky for some (It weighs 43 lbs), the 6’ “Never Flat” wheels do a fair job moving it around any terrain.


As for any notable drawbacks, the most obvious is that the pressure washer can be very noisy to operate. Furthermore, compared to their electric counterparts, gas-powered pressure washers are also messier to use.



  • 2400 PSI
  • 0 GPM
  • High max temperature tolerance
  • 3 nozzle tips
  • Massive soap tank
  • Durable design



  • Noisy
  • Messy
  • Bulky


4. Mrliance 3500PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Mrliance may not be a big name in the market for a pressure washer, but this product of theirs has enough merit to be worthy of a mention in this list. With a max PSI of 3500 and a GPM of 2.0, the pressure washer is ideal for use with foam cannon.


The 26 ft hose and 35 feet power cord grants it plenty of reach. For adjustable spraying, the pressure washer comes with four differently rated nozzle tips. It also features an auto stop system and a respectable sized removable detergent tank. The fixed brush accessory it comes with is also a welcome addition, allowing you to get better rid of those particularly stubborn dirt particles on surfaces.


Connecting the water hose to the pressure washer may be a bit tricky as the connection’s design is a little awkward. Furthermore, the pressure washer has a low water temperature resistance, so it may limit some of its usages.



  • 3500 PSI
  • 0 GPM
  • 4 nozzle tips
  • Auto-stop system
  • Long reach



  • Low water temperature tolerance
  • Awkward inlet connection


Our Final Thoughts

These heavy-duty pressure washers will work great with your foam cannon and provide more than enough power to easily take care of all your cleaning needs. However, when working with such high-pressure water jets, caution is always advised. Don’t aim it at any one person or pet and keep it away from children. Turn the machine off when not in use. We hope you found our list on the 4 best pressure washers for foam cannon to be useful and greatly helped you in making a better, more informed decision regarding your purchase.



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