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Best Push Leaf Blowers

If you have a large property with lots of trees, then autumn can be a really stressful season. It can be a real challenge to rake in all the fallen leaves, dirt, and debris around the yard.


The best way to get the job done quickly is to use a leaf blower. Push leaf blowers can be particularly useful here if you do not want to carry the leaf blower on a backpack. Push leaf blowers are also very easy to use and maintain, and quite affordable as well.


The 3 Best Push Leaf Blowers

In this article, we review some of the best push leaf blowers that you can buy on Amazon.


1. Southland SWB163150E Walk Behind Leaf Blower

If you are looking to buy a push leaf blower for the first time then we recommend going with the Southland SWB163150E model. This blower can generate a ton of power that should be more than enough to get rid of those leaves within 10 – 15 minutes.


The blower can generate wind speed of up to 150mph at 1,200CFM. It is a beast of a leaf blower that will blast piles of leaves away from your lawn in short order. The machine is equipped with a 163cc, 2-stroke, 6.5 pound engine that is simple start to start with a pull recoil system


At the base, it has big 12” wheels that are coupled with a smaller, swiveling front wheel that make it very easy to move around. It has a balanced fan that reduces vibration while the flow adjustment attachments give you additional control over the direction of air flow.


2. Billy Goat F902H Force Blower

If you are looking for moderate power than the Billy Goat F902H will give you a bang for your buck. It comes with a medium sized 262 cc, 4-stroke Honda GX engine, and a 17-inch 16 blade fan.


It is a powerful system that is a bit expensive to buy. It gives you 200 MPH air speed and 1700 CFM airflow, which makes it a reasonably powerful blower in the market.


It has superior air power to handle any cleaning job. The large blower weighs about 165 pounds. It has three base wheels that make it easier to move around.


The engine is made by Honda and very fuel-efficient as well as eco-friendly. It has an automatic mechanical decompression system that makes it much easier to start the engine on your first try.


3. SuperHandy Ultra Duty Leaf-Snow Blower

The multi-purpose 7HP SuperHandy ultra duty push leaf blower is another powerful entry that is a must for the autumn-winter period.


This powerful blower can generate 200 MPH and 2000 CFM wind force to clear large piles of leaves or snow quickly, with minimal effort. It has a fully encased design that makes it very safe to operate, even for newbies.


The jet-sweep blower design makes it ideal for medium to large size yard.  It has a 212cc gas engine that runs on 87+ octane gas to power the 3600 RPM heavy-duty 13.5″ industrial size metal impeller.


The machine is easy to start with a pull mechanism. It sits on three wheels at the bottom that make it easy to push but around on a level surface.


Additional features include a low oil sensor that automatically shuts off the engine when the fuel goes below the safe operating level. The 90-degree adjustable flow angle makes it easy to blow leaves. It is suitable for both leaves and snow blowing.


Merry Mac LB1450ICEZM Push Blower

If a 200cc blower is not enough for your needs, but you don’t want to buy a very large engine then Merry Mac LB1450ICEZM could be a great choice. This is another mid-range engine that packs a lot of power to clean your yard of dead leaves.


The machine runs on a slightly larger 305cc version of the Briggs and Stratton engine. This gives you a maximum power rating of 200mph and 2,000CFM. This should be more than enough to give the extra kick that you need to deal with larger, tougher leaf clearing jobs in your yard.


Why Buy a Push Leaf Blower?

Leaf blowers are a blessing when you have to clean your yard every few days. They can save you hours of time and effort in cleaning up your lawn or yard.


Generally, a handheld blower will do the trick for smaller jobs. But if you have a heavy-duty leaf clearing work, a push leaf blower would be the better choice.


Since these blowers are on wheels, manufacturers can put on heavier engines on them. This translates into more power and stronger fans.


This is why they are the ideal choice for those with large areas or big volumes of leaves to clear on extensive properties. They are also a popular choice with professional landscapers.


Features to Consider For Buying A Push Leaf Blower

  1. Engine size and brand are important. Bigger size and popular brand generally mean more power.
  2. Airspeed and displacement are also important. They tell you how much air is moved and how fast it is moved by the blower.
  3. The weight of the blower will be important if you will need to move it around a lot. Heavier blowers are difficult to move and they can tire you out quicker.
  4. The price of the blower will be an important factor to consider if you are on a limited budget.


Our Final Thoughts

Leaf blowers can make your yard work much easier and quicker. In most cases, if you can carry the blower on your back, then consider a handheld or backpack blower.


But if your yard is bigger or you need a more powerful device, then you will need to go with a push leaf blower.


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