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Best Trigger Switches for Power Tools

The function of a trigger switch is to activate the electric motor of a power tool; for example, it activates the motor of an electric drill that drives the rotating chuck. A trigger of a certain configuration, for example, 12 Volt, enables or disables the sensing circuitry of the same configuration on the power tool’s amplifier. In simple words, if your drill’s or any other power tool’s trigger wears out or breaks, you can replace it with a trigger switch according to your tool’s configuration. Let’s discuss this further by explaining the functions, types and features to consider when buying a trigger switch for power tools!


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What is a Trigger Switch?

As the name suggests, a trigger switch operates when you pull its trigger and are used in equipment or tools to control their motor operation. When you force a trigger, it turns the electric motor on, in turn rotating the drill or the screwdriver. However, the new trigger switches add a little more to it. Electric trigger switches now come with new and innovative options which enable you to customize them to your power tools’ specifications.


It is essential to know how power tools are powered to understand the function of trigger switches further. Let’s take the example of a power drill. Power drills can be corded or cordless, measured in amperage and volts, respectively—the amp and volt of a power drill determine its power. The higher these configurations, the more power a drill has, creating a higher torque or rotation of the drill’s chuck.


A trigger is just like the trigger of a gun, located at the same place, for easy hand access to drive the drill. New drills come with a variable speed trigger switch. The harder you press, the faster the drill moves. This feature is not present in cheaper models that run at a single speed.


The single-speed triggers offer maximum speed settings, whereas a variable speed or multiple speed trigger allows the power tool to operate between zero rpm and the top speed. This is the case with hand-held power tools. In electric motors, the rotation is driven by the shaft through the clutch, regulating the drill’s torque. Many drills come with as many adjustable settings of the clutch as 24. The drill puts out the highest torque at the highest clutch setting. The clutch releases the drive shaft upon reaching the preset clutch setting, allowing the electric motor of the drill to turn on but not its chuck.


How Trigger Switch Work?

As discussed above, a trigger switch is a great replacement for the worn triggers of a drill or other power tools. It adjusts the speed of the motor; the more you press the trigger, the faster the speed of the motor. Trigger switches are easy to mount and convenient for use in most power tools.


Many companies manufacture variable speed trigger switch for power tools that offer dust-tight vibration resistance to control brushless DC motors’ applications such as drills and other power tools. The features include a sealed boot for anti-dust applications while offering a kickback feature common on power tools. Most of the trigger switch are pre-wired for easy termination of power boards and strengthen shock resistance.


A trigger switch is a resistive potentiometer that controls the operation and speed of the motor, giving it the right amount of current it requires. There’ll be no such issues with a trigger switch as a hammer drill not working every time you press the trigger or any other power tool rotating at full speed at the lightest touch. If you’re encountering such issues, it means that your power tool’s trigger switch has broken, and you need to replace it with a new one. Due to the harsh environments and excessive power tools, triggers wear out with time. You can replace the old trigger with a new one according to your tool’s capacitive sensing and increase your power tool’s life.


Best Trigger Switches for Power Tools

Below is an exhaustive list of some of the best trigger switches for power tools:

Electric Drill Trigger Switch, 7.2V to 24V Lithium Battery Speed ​​Adjustment Control Switch for Power Tools by Aufee

Drill Switch, 7.2V – 24V Cordless Lithium Battery, Speed ​​Control by Thincol

SW38C Aftermarket Trigger Electrical Switch (Eaton Style) Replaces DeWalt 391926-01 and 391926-00 by Superior Electric

LDEXIN 2PCS FA2-6 / 1BEK Lock On Handheld Electric Trigger Switch by LDEXIN

DPST 2NO 12A 250V-5E4 / 20A 125V-5E4 Trigger Switch for Electric Drill Tool

SW77 Aftermarket 20 Amp On Off Switch Replaces Skil SAW 2610321608, Ryobi and Ridgid 760245002 by Superior Electric

Mxfans Electric Hammer DPST Part No Lock Trigger Switch Power Tool AC 250V 8A 125V by Mxfans

Superior Electric L50 Aftermarket Trigger Switch 24 / 12A-125 / 250V Replaces Makita 651172-0, 651121-7 and 651168-1, Red

All the trigger switches come with different specifications and a range of speeds. You can find the right one that best suits your power tool configurations. Some triggers support specific drills or power tools, while others support different models of the same configuration. These are easy to mount and operate and come with an optional type lock.


Our Final Thoughts!

We hope the information above answers everything you need to know about the trigger switch for power tools. Depending on the amp or volt of your power tool, you can select the right trigger switch that best suits your power tool’s configurations! You do not have to replace your tool and buy a new one if its trigger wears out.


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