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Best Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

When you want superior performance from your lawnmower combined with effortless maneuverability to get to those hard-to-reach areas, you need a zero-turn lawnmower. Professional landscapers and people with massive yards have relied on lawn mowers for the maintenance of their lawns. There is a great variety available in the market, making it harder to make the right choice when searching for the best zero-turn lawnmowers.


What makes zero-turn lawn mowers an excellent option for landscaping and large yards is that they can turn instantly when moving in any direction. They don’t have a steering wheel but instead have two levers used to control their movement. If you want to go forward, you push both levers, and if you want to reverse, all you need to do is pull both levers back.


Finding the best zero-turn lawn mower can be difficult as there are so many different models in the market. These lawnmowers also tend to be expensive, which is why you must buy a suitable model for your yard. We have compiled a short buyer’s guide, followed by our reviews on the best zero-turn lawnmowers to make this choice easier for you.


What to Look for in a Zero Turn Lawnmower

Zero-turn lawn mowers aren’t cheap and can cost you well over $5,000, which is why you must know what to look for in these machines. We have made things simpler by sharing everything you need to understand before purchasing a zero-turn lawn mower.


Motor Power

When you’re using a zero-turn lawn mower for mowing your lawn, you should look for a machine with tremendous motor power. These lawn mowers have massive cutting decks that are around 42-inches to 61-inches, depending on which model you choose, and need a powerful motor to ensure that the blades have the power to cut grass in a clean motion efficiently. The ideal motor power range you should look for is around 25 HP, and anything less than that shouldn’t be considered.


Cutting Deck Width

Most zero-turn lawn mowers come with cutting decks that are 42-inches to 61-inches wide, and you should buy one depending on the size of your lawn. The bigger your lawn, the bigger your cutting deck width should be on the lawn mower.



Your zero-turn lawn mower should have a hydrostatic transmission, which uses hydraulic fluids to power the drive shafts and switch gears. These lawn mowers can operate flawlessly in the toughest conditions and won’t burn out when used extensively.



When you’re mowing large lawns and golf courses, you may expect to be seated for a couple of hours. That means the zero-turn lawn mower seat should be comfortable enough for you to maneuver around the lawn without any discomfort. Look for seats with additional padding and an ergonomic design, ensuring that you don’t get fatigued while mowing the lawn.


Reviews of the Best Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Now that we have discussed all the things you should look for when purchasing zero-turn lawn mowers, let’s look straight ahead to the best zero-turn lawn mower models out on the market.


1. Husqvarna Z254 Zero Turn Lawn Mower

When it comes to the best zero-turn lawn mowers in the market currently, the Husqvarna Z254 zero-turn lawn mower stands head and shoulders above everyone else. This is the machine you want if you have to maintain lawns that are nearly 4-acres in size. It features a powerful 23-hp Kawasaki motor with enough power to cut and mow your grass perfectly. There is also a 54-inch cutting deck, which should smoothly cut through grass and allow you to maintain the lawn in perfect condition.


You can sit comfortably in an ergonomic seat, and the handles are within easy reach, so you won’t get tired when mowing the long on hot days. The only downside to this zero-turn lawn mower is that it doesn’t have the most powerful engine. Still, it’s packed with features that help cut and maintain large lawns and estates.



  • Powerful 23-hp Kawasaki motor
  • 54-inch cutting deck
  • Padded ergonomic seat
  • Ergonomic handles and levers
  • Suitable for estate maintenance and landscape work


2. Ariens IKON-X 52-Inch Zero Turn Lawn Mower

The Ariens IKON-X 52-inch zero-turn lawn mower is another solid option for landscapers who have to maintain large estates and lawns. This lawn mower is powered by a 23-hp Kawasaki engine that produces solid operation and easy grass cutting. You will have no problems going over inclines and navigating through wet lawns. It features a 53-inch cutting deck, making it suitable for large lawns and estates for up to 4-acres.


The rear tires are air-filled and give you plenty of grip to keep the lawn mower functioning in a straight line. The power levers are easy to reach and right in front of the driver’s seat and can be adjusted easily without getting out of your seat when driving. The ergonomic seat ensures you get a comfortable ride, while the adjustable armrests offer you to relax when mowing the lawn.



  • Powerful 23-hp Kawasaki motor
  • 53-inch cutting deck
  • Padded seat and ergonomic controls
  • Suitable for small golf courses and large estates


3. Snapper 2691319 360z

The Snapper 2691319 360z zero-turn lawn mower is one of the best options on this list. The lawn mower features a 23-hp Briggs & Stratton motor with considerable power to go over any incline or wet grass. There is also ReadyStart technology with the motor, allowing you to enjoy a fast startup with a quick turn of the ignition every time. The levers have comfortable grips and are adjustable, so you won’t have to work hard when operating them.


There is also a 48-inch cutting deck ideal for lawns nearly 3 acres in size and large estates. The ergonomic seat is padded for additional comfort, and you can also load gardening tools in the back of the lawn mower.



  • 23-hp Briggs & Stratton Motor with ReadyStart technology
  • 48-inch cutting deck
  • Durable construction and design
  • User-friendly controls
  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty


Our Final Thoughts

If you’ve gone through our buyer’s guide and checked out the models we have reviewed here, you must have an excellent idea of the best zero-turn lawn mowers currently in the market. When choosing a model that is right for you, consider your lawn size and how long or frequently you will mow the lawn. Good luck in choosing the best zero-turn lawn mowers out in the market.


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