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How to Organize Garden Tools

Do you ever go to your garden and find a random tool lying where it shouldn’t be? Perhaps it’s been there since the last time you used it. Gardening can be a quite therapeutic hobby. Seeing your favorite plants grow and those flowers blossom can be a fulfilling experience.


But, let’s be honest, do you really like sorting those gardening tools every time you’re done? Not so therapeutic, right? Don’t you find that clutter unsatisfying? Because we do!


There are many ways you can organize your garden tools. You can hang them up on a wooden board, store them in storage boxes, put them in a cupboard or even bury them in the ground to make them disappear (just kidding).


Learn How to Organize Your Garden Tools

In this guide, we’ll unleash our inner Marie Kondo and tell you a satisfying way to organize your garden tools. So let’s get to it, shall we?


What You’ll Need

Before you dig into it the steps, let’s first see what you’ll need so you’re all prepared:

  • A garden shed (of course).
  • Wooden pegs.
  • 1×2 furring strip boards.
  • Drill machine.
  • Hooks/tool hangers.
  • Storage box.
  • Label tags.
  • Iron bucket.
  • Shoe organizer.
  • Bucket stan


DIY For Hangables

1. Sort Your Tools

Garden tools can range in size. From seeds to wheelbarrows, there’s a lot in between to sort out and organize. Obviously, you cannot simply organize everything in one place. That would just kill the purpose.


So first, start with all the large tools like rakes, forks, spades, shovels or trowels. Gather them all and put them aside. The reason why you need to group the similar sized tools together is so you can organize them accordingly. Once you have sorted the similar tools out, continue with the following steps.


2. Install Strip Boards on the Wall of Your Garden Shed

Depending on how many tools you have that can be hung vertically on the walls, install one or two strip boards on the wall vertically. Make sure you leave ample space between the strips if you are installing more than one.


You can install the strip boards by hammering them into the wall with the help of nails. You can also install the boards with the help of drill machines:

  • Drill holes in the strip boards and the wall.
  • Insert wooden pegs into the holes.
  • With the help of a screwdriver, install the boards into the wall with screws.


3. Screw in the Hooks

You can easily find tool hangers in any hardware store. Buy a couple of tool hangers depending on how many tools you want to hang.


Now screw the hooks/hangers into the wooden strip at a safe distance from each other. Make sure they are distant enough so that the tools would be in a safe distance from each other.


You can now hang the rakes, shovels, spades, trowels, forks or any other hangable tool vertically on the hooks.


For Seeds

Store the Seeds in A Storage Box

Get a transparent storage box and put all the seed packs inside. Make sure to put a label tag on top of them to find them easily in the box.


For Pots and Buckets

Pots and buckets are quite bulky which is why they take up most of the space in your shed. You can purchase a bucket stand for your garden shed to put those extra pots and buckets in an organized way.


For Smaller Tools

Answering how to organize garden tools without telling where to store those smaller tools is useless. There are a couple of DIY tips that you can do to organize those smaller tools in your garden shed that are almost impossible to find when cluttered.


Use Baskets

You know those smaller garden tools like gloves, pegs and other items that you can never find in your shed when you’re looking for them? We’ll tell you a way to organize them!


Grab a basket. A bicycle basket would be ideal as it can be hung anywhere. Put all of your little tools in it like gloves, pruning shears, pegs and other stuff, and hang the basket on your wall. A basket would be perfect to hold all of your miscellaneous gardening tools.


Hang Shoe Organizers

You know those shoe organizers that basically everyone is raving out? Turns out, you can use those to hold your garden tools too! Shoe organizers come with multiple pockets and can be hung anywhere. So just put your dowels, twine, weed eater string, stakes or any other stuff in those pockets and hang the organizer anywhere on the wall. And the next time you need those, you won’t have to search the entire shed for them.


For Garden Hoses

Use Iron Buckets to Wrap the Hose Around it

We have pretty much covered everything but those annoying garden hose that take up so much space when they are unwrapped. The best way to keep those garden hoses wrapped and organized is by mounting a bucket on your wall.


Mount a bucket on your wall in a way that its base is flush against the wall. You would need an iron bucket for this. Once you have mounted the bucket, you can wrap your hose around the bucket to keep it organized. Since the bucket would be empty, you can keep sprinklers or other smaller stuff inside.


Our Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to organize garden tools, we hope you stop procrastinating and get going! All of the tips that we have mentioned above won’t cost you more than $100 as they are all DIY. Also, organizing your shed can actually be quite therapeutic as decluttering is said to be a very satisfying experience, especially if you are someone like Monica Geller from Friends.


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