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How to Organize Power Tools

Read along if you want to learn how to organize power tools, so you never lose them again.


If you walk into your garage to find a bandsaw and come out with empty hands and a frustrated face, maybe it is time for you to organize your power tools. An organized garage not only looks good but also makes your life easier.


Organizing tools is a very personal and subjective thing. You might love your DIY storage cabinets while your friend might hate what you have done with the garage. Regardless of how many tools you have, there are clever ways to store your power tools and satisfy your excessive cleaner self.


What You Will Need

To get everything in place, you might have to construct a few cabinets and shelves. Here’s a handy checklist:

  • Build a tool storage wall cabinet
  • Build French cleats
  • Construct a sturdy workbench
  • Create a battery recharging station
  • Get totes or big boxes


7 Brilliant Power Tool Organization Ideas

1. Build a Charging Station

What is better than storing your tools in a way that charging them becomes easier too?


People prefer cordless tools over wired ones because they do not bound you with the length of the cord. Every homeowner has a variety of cordless power tools stored in their garage.


Take the example of a cordless drill. You might have lost count of how many times you have used it to assemble furniture without worrying about getting stuck in the wires. However, the only con of cordless power tools is keeping track of the batteries.


What happens when you want to charge more than a few tools? To save yourself from these nerve-wracking troubles, you need to build a charging station. You can also add a drawer to store drills. It is functional, practical, and useful.


2. Make Full Use of a Sturdy Mobile Workbench

Want to know how to organize power tools in a fun yet practical way? Build yourself a workbench.


If you find it hard to organize the tools you often use, getting a mobile workbench will do the job for you. It can store all your larger tools to get you ready for big projects. DIYing it is better because that way, you can build a workbench as per your needs.


From air compressor to chainsaw and belt sander, it can store all your favorite gadgets. Rollaway workbenches are functional and super practical. Done with the day? Tuck it all in and ride home.


3. Build a French Cleat

French cleat system can is a creative way of hanging your power tools. It will not take much space in your garage and is a very practical option. From power drills to electric hammers, you can hang all your favorite power tools. To build a French cleat, all you need is sustainable and good-quality wood.


If you do not prefer hanging your tools against the wall, utilize cabinets and workbenches. Do not place the cleat too high to ensure you can comfortably reach the tools.


4. You Can Never Go Wrong With a Tool Storage Wall Cabinet

Building a tool storage wall cabinet is an old-fashioned yet practical and durable way to store your power gadgets. You have to build a storage cabinet, keeping in mind the space you would need. You can then add a pegboard inside the cabinet to safely hang your tools. Storage cabinet maximizes any vertical space you have in your garage.


We would recommend you build this on your own. A market-bought wall cabinet will not carry specific storage spots you might need.


5. Use Wall Strips to Hang Your Tools

Looking for gadgets in a drawer can waste a lot of time. If you want to play smart, use the walls of your garage to hang your tools. You can never lose your tools this way because they will be literally in front of your eyes – all the time.


You can use slat boards and wall strips to hang your tools. However, the preferred way is to add horizontal strips to the wall with anchor hooks. If you do not want to risk hanging larger tools, consider a magnetic strip to hang the smaller ones.


6. Consider Getting Big Totes for Larger Tools

There must be some tools that you do not use that often. There is no point in hanging them against the wall or dedicating a separate space for them. If you have some awkwardly large-sized tools you do not use that often, get yourself some big-sized clear totes. From paint rollers to a belt sander, you can store everything that takes a lot of space.


You can keep the totes in a big, open-door cabinet. Make sure that after using the tools, you put them back to where they belong. Or else, you are looking at a possible power tool organization 2.0.


7. Utilize the Inside of the Cabinet

Hanging your expensive tools by the wall will increase the risk of theft. So, if you want to smartly secure and organize your power tools, hang them inside the cabinet.


Keeping your tools inside the cabinet will also ensure that they do not get dirty. All you have to do is line the cabinet wall with a pegboard, and you are done. Make sure you store them inside a cabinet that can be locked.


Our Final Thoughts

We hope that you now know how to organize power tools cleverly.


Do not want to spend hours finding your angle grinder? Let the organization begin! Whether you are a home renovator or a woodworker, there is no shortage of ways in which you can save yourself from the misery of desperately looking for a tool. The aforementioned DIY storage ideas require little effort. See what works for you and get your woodcutter.


If you are looking for more ideas, you can also:

  • Build a tool Chest
  • Construct a workshop cabinet
  • Utilize space on the end of the cabinet
  • Rebuild your coat rack to hang your tools
  • Build a Double duty cabinet


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