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Must Have Power Tools for DIY Projects

If you are up for a quality DIY project, you should know some must-have power tools for DIY. Besides hand tools, you will also need an assortment of power tools to save time, energy and boost your DIY work quality.


You will learn about certain tools that can bring a big positive change to your DIY workmanship.


Here are must-have power tools for DIY that every DIY enthusiast should keep.


The 7 Best DIY Power Tools

As you increase the scope and complexity of your DIY projects, there are certain advanced tools that you will want to keep besides basic ones.


For instance, instead of working with a cumbersome 12-volt NiCad, you will want to upgrade some time soon to the cordless drill that runs on a 20V lithium battery.


You should be first clear about every day power tools that you should keep in your DIY tool kit. They are the drill/driver, jig saw, circular saw, sander, and power miter saw.


Cordless Impact Driver

Impact drivers are great for drilling since you don’t have to apply force while driving screws. And you know how much force is needed for the task.


Cordless impact drivers are ideal for screws with a Torx or square-drive head.


You will be amazed at how little effort is involved with this machine in your hands.


The good news is that cordless impact drivers are also ideal for nut drivers.


So why not try your hand at using the DEWALT Cordless Drill? This top-rated tool is a hot favorite with the pros, and it gets the job done in a flash. You will be glad you made this choice.


Cordless Nail Gun

The cordless nail gun would have come under the air tool category a few years back. During that time, these tools use pneumatic pressure to work. Nails guns worked using an air compressor to create pressured air that would impart force to nails. This lugging around bulky unwieldy compressors. In addition, 50 feet long hoses were required to feed air to the unit just so that you could talk on something as small as a tack molding.


That has changed now with the advent of the cordless nail gun.


Porter Cable 20V Max Cordless Brad nailer is a great choice for the job.


However, you should take note that heavy-duty use will require an air compressor. For example, if you need to use the tool for over 8 hours a day or have automotive and metalwork, you will have to buy one.


Benchtop Table Saw

Benchtop power tools have seen great advances in portability, precision, and power. You can now buy a fine benchtop table saw whose performance can now somewhat approach the level of a contractor table saw.


Benchtop table saws are now reliable enough to be used for tasks like creating long rip cuts and panel cutting.


These tools have a starting price of well below $100.


The DEWALT Table Saw is an excellent power tool with good reliability from a respectable manufacturer.


Oscillating Multi-Tool

Since oscillating multi-tools are relatively new, one might wonder what they do. As the name suggests, they do pretty much everything. Whether it is metal cutting, plunge-cutting, flush cutting, or even grinding and sanding, oscillating multi-tools can handle all of these finesses.


But how do oscillating multi-tools do so much? The versatile nature of these devices comes from the single body capable of deploying interchangeable blades for the task at hand.


The DEWALT 20V Oscillating Multi-Tool is just what you need if you are interested in a highly versatile power tool that can do so much.


Reciprocating Saw

DIY adepts know how handy the reciprocating saw can be for their projects. There is an abbreviation for just about everything these days, and the reciprocating saw is no exception which is why it is often referred to as ‘recip’ saw.


These saws are known as “Sawzall” which is the Milwaukee Tool company.


This saw indeed has several uses, due to which it deserves a place in any DIY workshop. You can do so much with this saw such as cutting timber (using the pruning blade), cutting fence posts installed in concrete (using the bi-metal blade), and demolition work. You can also turn it into a flush-cutting saw if you mount a blade in the correct configuration.


So although it is often overlooked, this machine is a highly versatile saw.


You will do quite nicely with the DEWALT 20V MAX XR reciprocating saw.


Laminate Trimmer

A laminate trimmer is a powerful tool that is used mostly for cabinetmaking. This downsized router is advantageous for DIYers, both beginners and advanced.


Conventional routers are large tools that work mainly for woodworking. These big machines are deployed on router tables.


DIYers often use the router for just edge profiling. However, the laminate trimmer is equally appropriate for the job in fact, even more so since you can manage this light tool with just one hand. Controlling the laminate trimmer is not too hard either.


The Makita RT0701C ¼ HP Compact Router is one that many DIYers prefer.


Tool and Vacuum Switch

The tool and vacuum help you to connect your power tool with the vacuum. The first step involved connecting the vacuum hose with the dust collection port on your power tool. There are plenty of power tools that have a good use for shop vacuum-like (power miter saws, benchtop tools, routers, and sanders).


So when you switch on your power tool and activate it, the shop vacuum springs into action to begin collecting dust. When you power off the tool, the shop vacuum also shuts down.


This tool is great to have since you will save time cleaning up, it will also prevent dust inhalation, which can lead to health problems.


Try the i-Socket Workshop Automated Power Switch.


Our Final Thoughts

Are you planning to do a DIY project?  These essential must-have tools can help you upgrade your home.


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