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Must Have Power Tools for Woodworking

The must have power tools for woodworking not only save time and energy, they also allow for exceptional workmanship. Thankfully, most woodworking power tools are not too expensive. Even those on a budget can afford to start off with the full gamut of basic woodworking tools to impart a professional touch to their projects.


7 Must Have Power Tools for Woodworking

Here are the must have power tools for woodworking that all carpenters, DIYers and blue-collar workers need to know about.


Circular Saw

The circular saw has to be the most basic tool that all DIYers and professionals need for their woodworking projects. You can utilize the circular saw with the clamp-on-straight-edge to lend high accuracy that is almost at par with the table saw.


With the circular saw in your woodworking arsenal, you can handle all sorts of basic task like a champ such as cutting plywood, hardwood and medium density fiberboard.


Another major benefit of the circular saw is that this high power heavy duty tool can fit in the tightest of budgets.


You can get started with the highly economical SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saw which offers extraordinary value for money.


Power Drill

You may want to work with a cordless drill. However, a wired drill is more powerful and generates high amounts of force for fast wood drilling. Although cordless drills might feel convenient and even fashionable, corded drills are cheaper. You will also be free of battery woes.


You can get started for cheap at under $30(!) with the Black+Decker Corded Drill.



The jigsaw is another essential tool that you cannot do without if woodworking is your aim. The benefit of the jigsaw is that it has a relatively thin blade which is ideal for carving curved cuts in wood. This is something that you cannot do with a circular saw since its blade is too broad for curving contoured cuts.


The jig saw is not as versatile as the more advanced band saw. However, it is a good starting point for beginners and has its place in must have power tools for woodworking.


The Black+Decker Jig Saw Smart Select is a fine inexpensive tool for woodworking enthusiasts. It has the added advantage of being cordless due to which now wire will get in the way of your work.


Random Orbit Sander

The sander is another essential woodworking tool to have in your toolkit. Although palm sanders can be cheaper and work with plain sandpaper, the random orbit type relies on sanding disks.


A key advantage of using the random orbit sander is that it will not leave behind patterns on the wood surface when you are done. This is a major problem with ordinary sanders.


To ensure that no scratch patterns are left behind by your orbit sander, keep sand papers of different grit sizes all the way to the finest. Progressive use of increasingly fine grit size will leave behind a smooth surface.


Table Saw

Once you are done practicing with the aforementioned power tools, it is time to make a bigger investment.


The table saw is the heavy duty workhorse of each and every woodworking establishment. It is at the center of the work flow.


The key benefit of the table saw is that it is ideal for cutting straight edges. But it is not just limited to making super straight cuts. It can also cut very accurate dado grooves, bevels and miters.


Since the table saw is so crucial to all your future woodworking endeavors, don’t try to go too cheap. Make sure that you buy the best out there in terms of quality since it is your most important investment.


The Dewalt Table Saw for Jobsite is an industrial grade powerhouse that will prove to be perfect for any woodworking shop.


Compound Miter Saw

After buying the ideal table saw for basic wood cutting, the compound miter saw should be next on your agenda. These saws may not be as costly as the table saw. However, they are indispensable for contoured edges including compound, mitered and beveled cuts.


With the compound miter saw, you can point the motor head along 2 directions. This versatility will let you cut beveled miters as well as straight angles.


If you have just started out, then the 10 inch saw may be good enough for your needs. The 12 inch saw will however, prove to be sufficient for the vast majority of cutting tasks.


There are sliding saw heads on certain models that enable you to make cuts on wood boards up to 16 inches wide.


You will have to perfect the art of making accurate cuts using the miter saw. Once you do that, you can relegate your circular saw to the drawer and rely less on your table saw.



Another power tool that you can make good use of is the router. With the router, you can create contours on your workpieces. The tool is also ideal for cutting dados and rabbets.


For most routers, 2 kinds of bases are available. One is the plunge router base and the other is the stationary base.


Novice users will note that the stationary base can handle many basic tasks. You can also install it on a router table is you elect to buy one. Make sure  that the motor of your router is at least 2 horsepower.


Besides that motor there are other features that you will want to look out for. One of them is electronic variable speed control – for large cutting bits will need slower speeds. The soft start mechanism is another desirable feature to have. You may also want to look into the easy-change bit collet.


Our Final Thoughts

The aforementioned list of must have power tools for woodworking will empower you to complete a wide range of woodworking projects. Make sure that you do your research to find out about desirable features that you will need in your woodworking power tools.


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