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What are Carbon Brushes for Power Tools

Power tools have numerous working parts that can make it difficult to identify which part is causing a problem when your power tool breaks down. As there are so many moving parts, it’s very likely that there will be problems, and whether it’s due to heavy use or faulty component, identifying the problem is crucial. You might face some complications from carbon brushes for power tools.


You may have to replace carbon brushes for power tools when the time comes. However, you must know why they malfunction. The carbon brush is essentially a small square piece of carbon that carries current to your power tool. If the carbon brushes have a problem, your power tool will not function properly. That makes carbon brushes one of the most vital parts of your power tool.


Why Are Carbon Brushes for Power Tools Important?

It doesn’t matter what kind of power tool you are using, they will have carbon brushes in them. The biggest problem you will face is identifying the type of carbon brushes in your power tool because they are available in all sorts of variety. As carbon brushes are one of the main components of your power tools, you need to figure out the problem fast. That isn’t easy because they are tiny in size.


The main reason why carbon brushes for power tools are so crucial for proper functioning is that they bring all the various components together and help them function as one. These carbon brushes work hard and will keep working until they get worn out. Due to excessive use, carbon brushes will get worn out no matter how much care you take.


When they have completely worn out, the performance of your power tool will diminish. It can be hard to identify when your carbon brushes need to be replaced, but you need to watch out for the signs. That will ensure the motor of the power tool doesn’t get damaged.


When Should You Replace Them?

The first sign that you need to watch out for is that your power tool won’t be functioning with the same level of performance as before. Therefore, the power tool may start shaking when you use it, and it won’t produce the same effect as you are used to. That will result in a loss of power and efficiency. Another common sign that you should watch for is a burnt smell emanating from the power tool when you’re using it.


That is a sure-fire sign that the carbon brushes in the power tool have been burnt out completely, and the burning smell is coming due to friction caused by parts rubbing against each other in the power tool. You may also experience sparks coming from within the power tool when you are using it. Once the carbon brushes have worn out, sparking is common, and you will notice that it happens repeatedly.


You need to keep an eye on whether the sparking is getting worse after each use, and if it shows those signs, you need to act fast and replace it. A clear sign that you should replace your carbon brushes is that your power tool starts stalling and cutting out when you’re using it.


Why Carbon Brushes for Power Tools Must Be Well-Maintained

You could be using your power tool for small chores at home, or you may use it actively for work, but regardless of that, you need to ensure that the parts of your power tool are well maintained. Even though you could wait for the signs to show that you need to replace your carbon brushes, it is not advised because in doing that, you are risking damaging your power tool.


However, that doesn’t mean you’re checking up on your power tool every time you use it. That will get infuriating fast if you’re using it daily. However, you should check up on the carbon brushes once every two weeks to check how they are holding up. Popular advice is to wait until the carbon brushes have worn down to nearly a quarter of an inch, as that is the right time to replace them. However, if the carbon brushes are showing signs of crumbling, breakage, or if you notice a burning smell, you shouldn’t delay in changing the carbon brushes of your power tool.


Leaving damaged or worn-out carbon brushes in your power tool is not recommended because they will cause further damage to the motor. That will mean costly repairs for your power tool, and you can easily avoid this problem by adequately maintaining your carbon brushes. That will ensure that your power tool performs at optimum levels and allows you to get done with your job or task quickly. A good practice to follow is to regularly clean the carbon brushes and ensure that they aren’t dusty or dirty before using the power tool.


The most common cause of carbon brushes wearing down is dirt accumulating on top of them and causing unnecessary friction. It’s best to avoid dealing with that problem, and regular cleaning and maintenance should extend the life of your carbon brushes.


Our Final Thoughts

Carbon brushes serve an important purpose, and while they are not costly to replace, you should ensure that you don’t have to do that regularly. You need to learn how to maintain the carbon brushes so that your power tool doesn’t experience any faults and you can easily accomplish your tasks without any hitches. That’s just about everything that you need to know about carbon brushes for power tools.


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